Recently, in the Changping District Development and Reform Commission, employees wear masks, 1 meter, and sequentially collected their online ordered products in accordance with the prevention and control requirements of the epidemic. These products include eggs, millets, mung beans, white duck, beef and other total 32 poverty alleviation products such as eggs, millet, mung beans, white duck, beef and beef and beef, etc.

Zhang Jianzhu, the employee of Changping District Development and Reform Commission, said: "I bought eggs, beef, these products are green without pollution, the taste is delicious, and we can pick up the goods, it is very convenient." It is understood that all the agencies in Changping District Unit employees, can subscribe to the order of the consumer poverty alleviation products in Changping District, and then register the order, and then distribute the home of Changping Center in Changping Center in Beijing. The event has been remarkable since June this year. "As of now, we have walked more than 30 units and schools. The sales of two months exceed 200,000 yuan, driving poor households to get rid of 420 people." Beijing Consumer Poverty Alleviation Double Shuangli Center Changping Division Director Zhuo Zhuo Yanwei introduced, "online ordering poverty alleviation products and then distribute, this timing fixed point is flexible, reducing operating costs, and facilitating the employee to purchase consumer poverty alleviation products." In order to reduce logistics costs, increase help strength Beijing consumer poverty alleviation dual-creation center Changping Sub-center is concentrated in purchase of poverty alleviation products, while strictly controlling product quality, let everyone buy a heart, eat peace of mind.

"Next, we are ready to carry out different topics, consumer poverty alleviation activities, recommend high-quality poverty alleviation products in Changping District to the citizen dining table with different scenarios, different retail models." Zhu Yanwei said.

(Queon: Dong Zhaorui, Guo Yifei).