Original title: 278 companies have known a few days ago, the list of "Yixing City Trust Demonstration Enterprise" was released, and 278 companies such as Red Niu Weiwei Drink (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. have on the list.

  In order to further promote the construction of the corporate credit system, encourage the company’s integrity management, from 2018, according to the spirit of the superiors, the city has issued the "Yixing City Trust Demonstration Enterprise Selection Corporation".

At the beginning of this year, it was recommended by the relevant departments of the city (park, street). After the relevant departments were reviewed, 278 "Yixing City Trust Demonstration Enterprises" were selected.

  According to the selection requirements, the "Yixing City Trust Demonstration Enterprise" not only within the appointment of the selection, the annual sales income of industrial enterprises reached 50 million yuan, and the annual sales income of commercial and trade flows reached 20 million yuan, and the annual sales income of other enterprises reached 10 million yuan, or Enterprise tax contributions to 3 million yuan (based on the financial department), while also need to meet "National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, Credit China, Wuxi Integrity Network, Yixing Integrity Network and other systems, no new increase Heavy, severely lost letter record "" Selection In the same year, there is no overdue, arrears, and bad loans "" Select the annual corporate environmental credit rating is not evaluated black or red "" "Selection of the annual tax credit rating is B-class" and other conditions .

Its selection conditions, high, fully reflect the amount of "trustworthy demonstration enterprises" honor. The relevant staff of the Municipal Industry and Information Technology said that "trustworthiness demonstration enterprises", which have an important role in promoting the market competitiveness of the company’s standardization management, and even enhanced enterprises.

Last year, this batch of the finalists actively supported the municipal party committee, the municipal government decision-making deployment, which not only contributed to the strength of the financial risks, laying the pollution prevention and control, but also actively showed actively in the tax contribution. Last year, the city’s fiscal and tax contributions over 20 million yuan were 140, an increase of 9 in the previous year; 23 more than 100 million yuan, added 2 more than the previous year. In particular, Red Niu Wei Titu Beverage (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. has been put into operation for more than 6 years. The accumulated sales exceeded 20 billion yuan, paying more than 3 billion yuan, and tax contribution has maintained our city for many years. (Editor: Gu Shi Cong, Xie Long).