“Correct,North China, I can stay with Laojin,Continue to walk in the South,Develop the south,certainly,If you can extend it directly to the city, it will be fine.。”
Li Hui has nothing to do with the style,After all, he is already quit.,Shares also gave Xu Ruzhen。
But I heard the departure city,He thought of Qin Su Ya in the first time.。
If you can take root there,It seems to be looking for Qin Su Ya,Just do things in your hands。
“Hey-hey,This is not too big,However, our village Su big brother also knows,It is still very important there.。”
“Lupi is rest assured,I will help you in your village.,how?”
Li Hui is what is going on.,When I got it, I nodded.:“Can,I am going to the first stop to visit the depth city,Then take the root there,How about it?”
“Lee brother,How do I feel that I still need to steady and steady?,If you go directly there,The water there is deep,I am afraid that you can’t drive there.!”
If this is before,Li Hui is really worried.。
But now his strength will increase again.,It is not afraid of these.。
A congenital master,How couldn’t be able to open?,As long as he wants,He feels that many people will end their help.,The premise is to show the original master’s identity.。
“Su big brother,I will bloom everywhere in the deep city.,As long as the departure is opened,Then I expanded to the north,Then you expand in the south,Let’s go back and drive,how?”
Although Su Qi knows that this idea is very good,But he also understands that the water on the latter is not bad.。
Even some families with new rise there,Some companies’ relationships are complicated。
Li Hui, which is so fierce.,He is afraid that even water is unable to。
“Lee brother,If you have confidence, it is nature.,But how much do you know the room price??
And I estimate that there is not much money in your hand.?”
“Hey-hey,I don’t dare to say more.,More than ten billions or still。”
Su Cooked did not expect that Li Hui Rong is now actually so much money.。
He knows clearly,The lotus village is burning money。
Make money, also vegetables,Apple,Strawberry。
But he didn’t know that Li Hui’s price can sell hundreds of millions of prices.。
Of course, these don’t want to ask more,After all, Li Ping also has its own privacy.。
“Row,More than ten billions, I feel enough.。”
“Hey-hey,Su big brother,More than a dozen billions, I am stocking.?
Still help?”
Li Hui Feng does not want to take out more than 10 billion to burn directly,He also went in deep city.,The land there is simply inch inch。
Not a little bit bad,The most crucial is that he is more than a dozen billion to go to the restaurant.,No need at all,Because he is not a shareholder of the drug house now.。
“Hahaha, I have forgotten it.,How about it for you??”
Su Liang hesitated and asked:“Plus Xu Ru’s shares,I will give you a percentage of 50%.?”
This value,Li Hui Feng hesitated,road:“Row,But when I want to continue to expand, I will definitely not continue to pay from me.。”
“Lupi is rest assured,If you can open the first,The second family doesn’t have to,I will send people directly here.。”
With this words,Li Anti-style is not much more。
But directly, I called Xu Ru.。
Received the phone from Li Hui,Xu Ruzhen is also a surprise,After all, Li Pei’s wind has not been called for her.。