“Row,I know this.,You go back first.,If you really have to build a vegetable factory,Women in your village I first recommend,Let your Zhaojia Village be rich first。”
Have a little Si Si,Zhao Pengyu is also a happy return to the village and boasting a wave.。
However, the people in the village are often accustomed to Zhao Pengyu’s boast.,There are few people in the roots。
Shen Tian Si is also directly giving Li Hui Rong a call.,Asked about the vegetable factory。
Li Hui Feng did not expect Zhao Pengyu so soon, I went to Shen Tian Si here.。
“Hey-hey,Shen Da Ge,I am to persuade Zhao Zun Chang.,However, this vegetable factory is definitely building,Prerequisite is not to pollute the environment,Cannot pollute water quality,So many equipment, I have to find someone in advance to understand.,Sewage treatment equipment,Vegetable processing,Vegetable,Vegetable disinfection is needed to need many equipment。”
Listening to Li Hui。
Shen Tianxi is also an idea.。
“Haha Xiaoli,If you are rest assured,How do I use my secretary??”
“Forehead,Shen Da Ge, what are you talking about??”
Shen Tianzi, this moment, let Li speak in the wind.。
Han Shanshan’s big beauty used him?
how to use?
Be said by Li Hui,Shen Tian Si is also immediately responding。
“Hahaha, your kid, less, I,I am saying that Shanshan will help you.,Her family knows,The construction of this vegetable factory is handed over to her.,I feel that there is no problem at all.,how do you feel?”
“Forehead,Can you work if you work??”
“Can dryness,But she is internship with me.,In fact, Shanshan still likes it.,Walking this road is not good,She mainly doesn’t like,Just, you have a chance.,Do you want her to try??”
This proposal of Shen Tian Si is that Li Hui is very feasible.。
“Hey-hey,Then thank you big brother.,When is the big squad leader, let her call me.,I also have a nice thing to handle,Field rats have been acquired yet.,I have to contact it.。”
Shen Tianzi heard that Li Hui’s promise is very happy.,As for behind,He also understands Li’s meaning of the wind.,However, the purchase price of the Nurs is twenty-one pounds.,If he helps to find a sales,That price is definitely higher,Such a sales have no hand。
Directly told Li Hui to speak a few passengers,Hang up。
Li Hui also didn’t think that the words of Shen Tian were too much.。
Apea,He directly gave Xu Ru,Su Yu played a call.。
With the 茹 芸 芸 芸 打 俏 俏 俏 俏,Then miss the words。
Even in the end, I heard Xu Ruzhen’s some small grievances.,Little disappointment,He can’t wait to fly directly.。
It is the side of Su cool to make him some accidents.,Because the drug aware house in the Magic has begun to expand。
With the increasing network,Su Qing also created the drug aware house into a network of net red hotels.。
Especially about recipes,Topic,Directly crushing Li Mei。
Li Mei is also carrying back,But with the recording of Lan Bai Yan, a small paragraph,Just a few words,It is thoroughly blown up in the network.。
Originally, the medicated house and drunk fairy gathers are half a catty.,No one is not necessarily copying。