“You can see the soul?”Li Xinghua was a little surprised。
“Ok,Even someone who just died,The soul will stay for a while。And their soul,Long gone。”In the girl’s light purple eyes,Seems to reflect another world。
“Yin Ling Master?”Li Xinghua said。
“What is Yin Ling Master?”The girl asked puzzledly。She seems to have never heard this word before。
People in the stockade,Don’t like talking to her so much。
She knew there was a big world outside,But she never left Lihuagou。
“I told my uncles and aunts,Those who went out on patrol have no souls when they come back,They all scold me。”
“I am afraid they scold me,Later, more and more people have no souls,I dare not say。”
“sister,I shouldn’t be so cowardly,Should tell everyone,This way the village will not become like this,right?”
Girls sometimes talk to themselves,Sometimes blame yourself,Sometimes communicating with Li Xinghua。
On the seemingly calm little cheeks,But it is a kind of self-anaesthesia。
“do not blame you。”Li Xinghua brought the girl closer,Hug her gently,Let her have a soft embrace to rely on。
Leaning on this gentle big sister,Feel her temperature,The girl seemed to remember the cold corpses at the bottom of the well,Tears burst out of the embankment for a while……
She pressed her small mouth tightly,Dare not cry,But the tears can’t stop,Full of face。
First275chapter Batwing
On the cliff rock,I wish Minglang surrounded by the white storm phantom feathers with the withering breath of ice,The clothes show a state of ghost ghost。