“It’s not three months yet。”Xiao Gao still seems confident,Promised,Kanhui is back,Hurriedly helped her adjust the chair slightly to let her sit down,Hui smiled and said thank you。
The moment Chen Wenjin and Hui met,I read that she was full of thoughts,I couldn’t help but observe for a while,I found that Hui felt like Xiao Gao……A little more polite。
Chen Wenjin asked Hui on purpose:“Is there someone named Jiang Zai in your class??”
Hui Wei was startled,Then he answered with a strange and enthusiastic look:“Yes!you know?”
“Heard it mentioned,Said he was handsome。”Of course Chen Wenjin knows that there is such a person,This ginger,Is the rival that Xiao Gao must face,Because this person’s appearance and personality are Huang Hui’s food,At least the initial attractiveness is like this。
“There is still such a person?”Xiao Gao Hehui is not in the same class,Surprised,I remembered again:“correct,When I first started school, I seemed to hear you say。”
“I told you,It’s Jiang Zai from the Fourth Brother One Wang.。”Hui smiled brightly,That enthusiasm bursts naturally。
Chen Wenjin sees it,I feel more worried about Xiao Gao’s road ahead,Does Hui choose inner beauty or outer beauty??
One Wang Si Ge,Talking about this,Wang Shuai couldn’t help but smile。
Yi Wang is talking about him,Refers to the handsome guy with no dead ends at the town school level,Fourth brother refers to the other four handsome men second only to him,Jiang Zi is one of them。
Wang Shuai disagrees with Jiang Zai,Jiang Zai’s family is in good condition,Is for business,But ordinary businessmen can’t fit into Wang Shuai’s eyes。
Xiao Gao knows who Jiang Zai is,But didn’t think much,Just to Chen Wenjin:“It is said that there are many beautiful women in Pengzhong this year.,The first fairy on the cloud,Seven fairies go down to earth,There are four beautiful in the world。Needless to say, you know the first fairy,Xiao Xiao;peach,Lulu,Water ripple,benefit,Lin Shangyun,Thousand grasses collectively called six fairies。Except them,There are four beautiful people in the world,May is among the four beautiful。”
May is actually quite unhappy,She thinks nothing else,She is not worse than Hui,The body may be a little weaker,But I don’t know how much my skin is whiter!It turned out that she was not among the Six Fairies。May think it’s because she sells her face,She was the eldest sister in school before,Know many people,With Xiaogao’s face。
Chen Wenjin thought that Taozi and Xiao Gao did not go to Pengzhong and dropped out of school in his memory.,In addition, of course there is also Pengzhong who was not originally here.,Undoubtedly, he used the power of material inverse motion to influence these,and,When the quota is fixed, it means that three people have not been able to enter Pengzhong.。
It’s just that he is strange,In my memory, although his time in Pengzhong is very limited,But I also heard people say that Brother Wang Si,but,But I have never heard of the first fairy Xiao Xiao。
‘Xiao Xiao didn’t choose Pengzhong?Or……What accident happened to her originally?’Chen Wenjin became more curious about this,But he wants to know the answer,Need to pay a relatively large time price,The curiosity at this moment is obviously not enough to make him willing to live again from when he first met Xiao Xiao。
Chen Wenjin does not have much overlap with the people in Pengzhong in his memory,I just want to care about the situation of a few people I know。