“I go out for a while,You guys talk first。”Lu Menglin smile,Then opened the door,Out of the dormitory。
text Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Three Causal signs
The lights under the male dormitory are as bright as daylight,There are reluctant men and women on the road from time to time。
but,Compared to the balance of the male to female ratio downstairs in the female dormitory,Downstairs in the male dormitory is obviously still mostly male,So Zhong Liying only waited a while,There are many boys deliberately turning around her,Humming softly,Some people took off their shirts and started showing their muscles,There are also those who are ready to recite poems,All in all,Everything。
Until Lu Menglin appeared,Little beauty obediently followed him,This made the gang of animals downstairs reluctantly withdraw their eyes,Temporarily stopped。
The two walked to the corner of the dormitory building,Relatively quiet here。
Night is as cool as water,Evening breeze。
“what can I do for you?”Lu Menglin asked casually。
Zhong Liying’s face first showed a naughty smile,And then happily:“Poorest dormitory in history?”
“Haha!Even you know?”When Lu Menglin heard this name,Immediately happy。
If it is an average boy,Was honorably called poverty,May be very sensitive,Even feel inferior,Feels embarrassing among peers。
But Lu Menglin obviously has no such obstacles,Because he knows what he has,There are upcoming,Not moved by foreign objects。
“You still laugh?Your dormitory is almost regarded as a scourge by the girls building!I will be bachelor from now on!”Zhong Liying Haha Dao。
“Then bachelor!Just to study for the rise of China!”Lu Menglin smiled and replied。
“what?Your ideal is quite great!admire,admire!Boss Lu,You are not gay?How else could it be so great?”Zhong Liying smiled。