In short,Liu Xing really can’t think of any other suggestions,Since there is no way to give a better answer,Isn’t that the right choice,Even the option of killing them?
“Let’s not hurry,Let me think about it!”In the end, Liu Xing did not make a quick decision。After all, in his opinion,Less than a last resort,Try not to choose this option as much as possible。
Why do you say that?Because he Liu Xing is also just a prefecture player,And those spider remnants who can escape and are not killed are obviously at the level of heavenly strength.,If I run into,He basically doesn’t want to survive。
What if Qin Feng is there??Who can guarantee,If they run into a spider,The latter will definitely not have more than one celestial power
By?Qin Feng will definitely not be able to protect him by then,So Liu Xing doesn’t want to take risks。
“also,Anyway, don’t worry about this。”Talking,Qin Feng also started drinking tea。
The Knicks watched these two people have no other reaction,He doesn’t know what to do。
The Knicks must be unemployed,So just sit with everyone in the living room and drink tea。It’s just that Qin Feng and Liu Xing are both on their minds,So it’s impossible to chat with them and fart。
When it’s noon,The servant came out and asked if he wanted to prepare meals for the guests,Then the Knicks could only pretend to be angry,Let the servants prepare。
This time as usual,His wife woke up。
Because I’m used to it, there can be no other people at home,So Mrs. Knicks walked down in her nightgown。It was just a moment when I saw Qin Feng and others on the stairs,Then went back to the room to change clothes。
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Chapter Four Hundred and Three Start from scratch
Ten minutes later,The husband walked down in a dress skirt,“Knicks,Why don’t you notify me when a guest comes!”Madam thinks she is detrimental to aristocratic demeanor,Even if their family has fallen,But the most basic aristocratic etiquette should still be present。