Recovered,Wright only felt a sense of laughter。
The biggest bottleneck of the universe in his body,It was actually broken by Ove himself.。
Reach out,An ethereal but substantive energy covers his hands。
“This is,Xuanhuang Power?”Wright thoughtfully,A thought。
A heavy chain appeared in the void,Bind Ove tightly。
The power of Xuanhuang penetrates,In Ove’s horrified eyes,The two main godheads in his body—Broken。
But the moment when the main godhead is broken,A force surrounds Ove’s soul,The one who protects him is only to maintain the clone of Ove from destruction,of course,Augusta avatar fell instantly,And the aura of Ove’s destiny dominating clone crazily decreased。
Just three breaths,Off became a mortal。。。
“Of,Soul good and evil,Let your clone of major practice step into Dzogchen,Also counted as the top figure in this universe—I don’t want to kill you either。Since you abandon all your desires that hinder your practice,Then I can help you!”
Li Ming’s hand pulled,Ofu’s soul was forcibly pulled out of Li Ming’s body。
“Go。”Wave of hand,Ofu’s soul entered an endlessly distant physical plane,Because of Li Ming’s cover,No one master knows。
Xuanhuang Power,Cosmic cycle,All of Ove’s memories are gone,Only a trace of almost blank soul remains,Then entered a remote physical plane through a newly born mechanism。