Taihu’s lake,Abi and Aizhi,Chu Deirers are improperly playing a song《Swordsman》!
Originally Abi is singing a lotus song,Chu Deee as a musician,Naturally not glow,Then the active dedication blows a song。
only……Some silence!
at first,Seeing the Chu Deirers, don’t say、Take out the waist,Wang Yin is still awkward,I have to smile on Aizhu and Ai Iong.。
In fact, she wanted to ask Chuman.,Why bring a bamboo with you?,Now it seems……It’s really not a corpus-shaped organ,This is awkward!
Because it is too popular in a large number of life,And the tunes are too high,So I heard that someone didn’t say it.,It’s really weird。
But listen to listening,Three people feel that this song is,Rivers and lakes“Bind”Earning,And the player、Quick pursuit,One time and even my heart,I also swayed the yearning for freedom.……
Still blame!
Only a big world,There are still some 惆怅——Aizhu and Ai are also a bit of wondering,Just when I was getting out of the Tubo University,Duan Gongzi is not this kind of person.?Why don’t you spend??
At this point, the five people have left Manda Villa.,Among them, there is no special goal.,It is also early from August,Taihu is not far from Nanhu,Grove’s things don’t worry,Li Qinglu is only a good photo of the deer.,At least half a year,“revenge”Things just say that it is to let Chu Deirers take ideas。
As for Ding Chunqiu……Chu Deer estimation,Your martial arts must have a gap between the stars,Even if you have perceived the most“Not afraid”,Can’t win,Not even afraid of just“Non-toxic”Star。
Once Ding Chunqiu is poisonous,Today’s poisonous anti-limited,I am afraid that there is a danger of turning into the car.!
“Congenital strength”Congenital gas,Have a certain toxic effect,“Small chaotic work”Also inherited this,But and those who have known as Bai poisonous,There is also a big gap
So Aizhu and Abi want to return to Yongshang Villa,Also invite Chu Debans to be a guest,I thank him for rescue.,Chu Deiren did not refuse——In case you can find《Fossil》or“Also Water Pavilion”Woolen cloth?
Now Murong Mountain Villa,It is not just the participants in Tianlong……
Frustration of the conspiracy of Yan Guo Yu Yu,Can you think of stealing??
Also talk about Dingchun Qiu“poison”if,Chu Deirers think of Duan Duan……
“Duan brother,You said before,After the unity, the mountain is swallowed.,It is a hundred poisonous?”After the Chu Deiren made a song,Start looking for Duan Yu to see if there is inspiration。
“kindness。”Duan Yu is not very wanting to take care of him.,At the same time, there is still some sense of sin.:Duan Yu, Duan Yu,People’s Chu Xiongqi bitter, Jiangnan to find you,How can you be so cold??Not to mention……Originally your sister.!
“Why is it in the stone room?,Duan Yanqing is effective for you?”Chu Deirers asked。
Duan Yu:……
Duan Yu suddenly never wants to take care of him!And it is the kind of belonging!
“牯 朱 蛤?Be a rumor‘Sound,Whole body’,Is there a royal king??”Wang Yizhen heard the words of Chu Deirers,Take the initiative to take a sentence。
See Wang Yan,Duan Yu is also strong——Brother wants to have a brother!
“Be right,I have swallowed this gods before in the event of no music.,At the time……”Duan Yu sounds good explanation,Also painted a description of the sound。
Duan Yu’s attitude,Some of the surprises,But intuitive feelings,Duan Yu seems attentively,But there is not much desire,So is not too uncomfortable。
“Duan Gongzi actually has such a adventure?After the rumor,Can form a special reason,Negative invasion……Just Chu Da Ge said,What is a lack of?”Wang Yuchen suddenly curious about Duan Yu what poisoned in the stone room。
Because it is Wang Yin’s guardian,Chu Deirers also let her change their name。
Duan Yu:Oops
Duan Yu naturally 吭吭 唧 唧 唧 唧 不 唧 唧 说,After all, this kind of thing,Even brothers and sisters don’t want to say,What’s more, Wang Yizhen still doesn’t know that he is her brother.!