But joining Ming Dao Ren is very troublesome。
If it is the worst,Sancai becomes gossip,Eight true immortals set up a gossip array with Ming Taoist as the core,Strength can be increased at least three times。
At that time, the power of Ming Dao people alone will be enough to suppress their two seven gods。
of course,That is the worst case。Actually,Yangde Tianshen does not say,The other four true immortals are natives of the universe,Naturally it is impossible to master the layout of the gossip combined attack,Even teach now,It takes months to master and cooperate。
But even if it is possible,They also want to put an end to。
“Stop!”The crocodile demon Qiyao Tianshen waved his palm,Directly stopped where Yangde Tianshen went。
He did not kill,Those four true immortals are the natives of the Great Zhou camp of the Universe World,Once beheaded, I am afraid that something will happen。
Therefore,Take a shot。
“go away!”The scarlet flying sword directly pierced the palm of the crocodile demon Qiyao Tianshen。
The flying knife pierced the palm of the crocodile demon Qiyao Celestial God,A scarred scar remains。
Logically,This kind of wound is the Purple Mansion God and Demon and doesn’t care,It can be recovered with a little divine power,Don’t mention that it’s the seven lunar gods condensed from a large formation。However, after being pierced by Li Ming’s flying sword,The Seven Gods Surging,That scar but can’t recover。
“Destroying Heaven’s Path actually reached such a point?”The blood wave god looked at Li Ming。
but,Without fear。
Just take refuge in Li Ming in Deyang Tianshen,The crocodile demon Qiyao deity stopped,The moment Li Ming repelled,He has already negotiated with the true immortals of the Dazhou camp,Made the oath of heaven。
“Hands on!”
The blood wave god slammed,The waves of blood roll outside the body of the Seven Lunar Gods,Directly stopped Li Ming’s attack。
At the same time, the crocodile king is also chasing after。
“boom~”A small jade bottle emerges,Emerald streamer bursts,Turned into branches in the sky,This branch swells quickly as soon as it appears,Biochemistry as a branch field with more than ten thousand miles,There are countless flowers and leaves,Invisible power pervades the bondage。