Chen Wenjin drove Abao and Li Xiang to their rented house,Entered the house,Abao let Li Xiang take the wine。
The latter took it,Abao suddenly lost his temper and said:“艹!Won’t take more bottles?Who can drink this??”
“……Why are you so angry?”Li Xiang was in a bad mood,She also suffered a heavy loss tonight,Can’t bear it。
“What’s wrong with you?Can not do it?Didn’t you introduce the car dealer??You also introduce this kind of street goods?I’m not familiar with you too?I was stolen as soon as I got the car today,Steal me with four cars in a row!Who else is it?You don’t want to call someone,Find out where that bashing street is,Like a wood!What happened to you?”A leopard suffocated early,The cursing Li Xiang slammed the door and went out。
“艹!”A leopard kicked the sofa,Holding hair again,Sit down on the sofa,Suddenly red eyes,Said with tears:“gold、I am done!Really over……I’m poor!I’m a poor man!I asked Brother Xiu about Li Xiang’s car,Say you can shoot for 350,000,I just bought my car for 200,000 yuan!I originally had 220,000 left!Now I’m in the car and gone,If I can’t find it, I will only have 20,000 yuan left!I’m poor!Become poor!Li Xiang that stupidX!Tonight lent her bag and money to her sister!We both became poor overnight!I’m a poor man!Why should I buy this car??Why should I buy this car??”
Chen Wenjin waited for Ah Bao to vent his despair and grief,He also hopes that Abao can grow up after this blow,After all, the Leopard in memory,Grow in the future,Not so exaggerated and outrageous as before,Good face and showing off are just normal。
Abao cried in pain for a while,And at the moment,Li Xiang found Qiangwei to chat。
After Qiangwei came out, she blamed her:“Why did you come to me suddenly?Wang Shuai is still at home!Everyone knows that we turned our faces into enemies,You suddenly call me out,How can I explain to Wang Shuai later??”
Li Xiang took Qiangwei to the roof,Staring at her,Indignant question:“Did you find someone to do it??”
“What i’m looking for?”Qiangwei is really inexplicable。“what are you talking about?”
“Don’t pretend there!My plan is except you,Who else knows?It’s not you who else?You are a good way,Pretending to be harmless,Secretly play this kind of black hand!It’s not enough to own Wang Shuai?I have to wipe out the benefits of Abao!Don’t you think i’m a fool!”Li Xiang is very angry,She has only two possibilities,She thinks Qiangwei is the most suspicious。“Tell you——Or give me back,Either I will leave you with nothing!”
Qiangwei said with no patience:“what are you talking about!Can you make it clear?Don’t be so inexplicable,I don’t even know what happened!”
Li Xiang suspected she was acting,But I probably retelled what happened at night。
After Qiangwei listened,Thinking:“This is a bit strange……But it’s definitely not me。I have Wang Shuai,Pit you for that advantage?Didn’t you dig your own grave??To the end,Is it worth nothing for both of us?I know that you are also angry and don’t know who did it that made me angry。Actually we have known each other for so long,You also know my style of doing things,I wouldn’t do it at all and I can’t do this kind of thing.,I can’t find anyone to help you if you let me do it!I don’t even support you looking for someone to help get Abao’s money,How could I do this to you??”