The first thousand and sixty chapters Battle against the Blood Lord
Xia Chenglong will make such great progress in such a short time,And just to say that his trick is a little overwhelming,The Blood Demon took a deep breath,Turned his head and looked at him,There was a little dignity on the expression。
This time needs this time to go to the Demon King to mobilize his spiritual power,I madly absorbed the resentment around here to my side。
The resentment around here condenses into mist,Drifting towards the blood demon,Even Xia Chenglong saw this scene in front of him,I was slightly surprised in my heart,Affectionate above,Suddenly solemn。
Xia Chenglong knows that the blood demon king is strong,I also know that the Blood Demon is very strong,But Xia Chenglong never thought,The blood demon is so strong,To know the spiritual power of fog,That needs to lose the extremely majestic aura of heaven and earth,Condense this heaven and earth aura into small droplets around here,In fact, the fog is originally small water droplets。
Xia Chenglong took a deep breath,I calmed down my excitement a little bit,At this moment, he is on his Dragon Yin Sword,Infuriated a little more。
At this moment, I heard Xia Chenglong scream:“what。”
And then immediately,People heard a loud bang,Those blood demons with low cultivation base burst directly into blood clots。
A huge mushroom cloud spouted from the sky,Everyone felt like they saw a flash of white light in front of their eyes,And then immediately,There was a huge and strong spiritual fluctuation。
This wave of spiritual power even shattered many rocks in the Blood Demon Cavern,After all, for people like Xia Chenglong,You can move mountains and fill the sea with a gesture,These are nothing,impossible things。
So it’s like fighting with characters of their level,Even if it’s a slight leak of spiritual power,Enough for the little monsters watching by the side to drink a pot。
But this blow is the most common and ordinary blow.,Nothing at all,This demon king fights the Dragon Sword with his bare hands,You know that there can be nine five-claw golden dragons in the dragon,But the most masculine thing。
To know these most masculine things,It was originally the nemesis of the evil things like the Blood Demon,And the Blood Lord has been,I have never found a weapon that suits me,After all, he reached his level,Ordinary soldiers,With and without,There is not much difference,In this way,It’s better not to use。
At this time, I heard Xia Chenglong scream:“what,Break this seat!”
Everyone heard a loud bang,And then immediately above the sky,People seem to have heard the groan of someone,All people watched this unprecedented battle intently。
When they saw this battle,A hint of admiration flashed in his eyes at the same time。
All people have a natural awe of the strong,Even if Xia Chenglong is an intrusion from outside,But these blood demons still flashed a glimmer of admiration for Xia Chenglong.。
At this time Xia Chenglong’s mouth was bleeding a little,And the Blood Demon stared at him coldly。
At this moment he heard the blood demon suddenly smile,Laugh happily,Also rest assured,To the funniest joke in the world,Laughing wildly。