When Sanchez heard that Qiao Tianyu had something to discuss with him,Sanchez hurriedly said he himself was in New York at this time,He was about to thank Qiao Tianyu for his great favor!
Sanchez asked Qiao Tianyu to wait at Alpha,After a while he sent an extended Lincoln to pick up Qiao Tianyu。
Then Qiao Tianyu was taken to a high-end clubhouse near Central Park in Manhattan.。
At this time, Sanchez had already arranged two samba girls for Qiao Tianyu.。
“brothers,Enjoy it!”
Sanchez pushed the samba girl into Qiao Tianyu’s arms,Let him let go。
But at this time, Qiao Tianyu is full of powerful financial oligarchs.,I’m not in the mood for this。
Moreover,Qiao Tianyu has now contacted Lily, the beloved of the previous life,He doesn’t want to do something sorry to Lily。
So Qiao Tianyu declined Sanchez’s kindness,Drove everyone out,He and Sanchez are the only two left in the room。
“Brother Joe,what happened to you?Is there anything bothering you?”Sanchez found something wrong with Qiao Tianyu。
“Yes,Dude,I came here today。”Qiao Tianyu said。
“Don’t don’t,Brother Joe,Our relationship,Do not say‘begging’This word!”Sanchez said quickly。
“Tell me where you need it,Brother is absolutely obligatory!”
“Dude,Can you tell me what happened to Merck Motor Group?”Qiao Tianyu asked。