“Check if there are any problems with your bones,Can it work at night?”Li Tianchou is not polite,Step on from the upper body to the opponent’s calf bone,“Ha ha,Not bad,This body is ok。”
“You bastard!Dare to do this to me,who do you think You Are?”Old Man Pan was frightened,Obviously not used to being‘prey’So teasing and teasing。
“Come on,Old pan,We are half a catty,Don’t pretend to me。”
“What do you mean?My old man,What is necessary to pretend to you?”
“When crossing the mountain,Have you ever thought of killing Lao Tzu??”
“you……You bullshit,Squirting!I am dedicated to help you,I’ll be wronged by you in the end,you……”
“OK,OK,Pull away,go to bed。”Li Tianchou’s face suddenly changed,I interrupted Old Man Pan impatiently,“Remember,Don’t be dragged down when you act。”Give up,He really lay on his side,Fall asleep。
Chapter four hundred and ninety six Run away
Old man Pan was stunned,For the identity of both parties,Although the two have long been tacit,But the young man in front of him still surprised him too much。when‘prey’Time only,Calm and calm when being a prisoner,When discussing escape measures together,Thoughtful and determined,But now it looks like an elusive gangster,Disgusting,I have to watch out。
What kind of person is this?Could it be that this kid is trying and intimidating me?What did he know?How much do you know?Old Pan broke out in a cold sweat unconsciously,Seeing the other party snoring slightly,He can’t wait to pounce on this person。
Old Pan’s guess is completely correct,Li Tianchou did this deliberately to intimidate him,Make him panic、Restless。Get along for a while,He found that this old man was very cunning,Treat this kind of person,The effect is not necessarily achieved with strong,Design trap,He has no time,Only repeated psychological torture,Let it go,Only then is it possible to grasp the other party’s mentality to the greatest extent possible in the future。
Li Tianchou’s real destination is not Myitkyina,It’s Pakan who is close to Bamo,That’s the base camp of the Qin Gang,Otherwise he cannot waste time bypassing Ruili and Nankan。Under the guise of Myitkyina,To prevent the whereabouts from leaking,It really worked。
On the road from now on,Li Tianchou plans to torture Old Pan like dough,Achieve any effect,So as to better cover people’s eyes,Without losing a good guide and human shield。of course,With the mental quality of the old fox,This idea is very difficult,But it doesn’t hurt to try,In addition to mental torture,Both soft and hard,It’s also necessary to beat up for no reason。
Poor old pan,If you can guess what Li Tianchou is thinking,,I have to make smoke,You must kill this young man if you are desperate,It’s a pity that he doesn’t have this ability。
It’s raining outside,Unsurprisingly, there were a few leaks in the shabby cabin,Slippery jets of water hit the soil,Soon, the soup overflowed。Li Tianchou is already awake,It’s not midnight,Judge by breath,The soldiers who have been there at the door have long since ran away.,Except for the sound of rain outside,Others are quiet。
Li Tianchou knew that Old Pan had not fallen asleep,And untied the rope,Although I try to keep my voice down,But how can I hide it from his ears。To this,Li Tianchou dismissed,Old things can’t hold their breath,But never dare to do anything to him at this time,Not sure at first,Second psychological torture,Hesitate,third,Escape from here,Two people work together to have greater certainty。
Then,Since I don’t do it,The old man will not be idle,He has been lying there quietly,Just want to observe this young man carefully,Full of patience like a snake treats its prey。