It’s a pity the good times don’t last long,Just when Panmang was about to get up,The piercing roar sounded again,This time it is no longer the sound of air tearing caused by violent energy,But the milky white light around me started to spin,Then slowly lifted off,Expose the thick and round pillars below。
Pillars start to pull off the surface,Make a thrilling bang,Panmang couldn’t stand and fell again,Zhong Lixun and Baimei, who were smashed into the rock wall, had no strength to struggle at all.。
Hidden in the air‘Instructor’Also forced to show up,It’s just a will that doesn’t have a real body,But somehow,Will have that heavy heartbeat feeling,Make it very uncomfortable,With the boom、Booming rhythmic dull sound,at this time,It seems that this rhythm is echoing in every corner of the world,The other will is gone,I believe it should feel the same right now。
This is obviously a huge flower、Flowers in bud,Actually grows under the underground palace,In any case, Panmang can’t compare with the imaginary appearance of Jinshanki,Actually it is Zhenshanchu,The essence is the core part of the earth axis,Stolen by the only powerful person of the Qingyang Jianzong in the far north,Hidden in the underground palace for tens of thousands of years。
The reason why the mortal world gradually loses its aura,Of course there are factors that practitioners can’t ask for,But the fundamental reason lies in the absence of Zhen Shan Chu,This mighty man has cleverly used the weak will of the new generation of mortals,And the ancient will stole Jinshanki when he was afraid of being involved in the wars of the heavens and did not dare to come forward.,Originally brought into the fairy world,But found that the barriers of the world are extremely stubborn,Failed。
All these years,The fairy world has long been destroyed,The mighty one turned into smoke and dust and returned to the void,I know the origin of Jinshanki,There are only two wills in the mortal world,And the monks of the Qingyang Jianzong dynasties,Up and down, only a few people know the existence of Zhenshanchu,But I don’t know what it is。
Zhenshanba, like a giant flower, slowly rises,As the branches below are completely off the ground,A terrifying deep hole is just a flash in the pan,Then gush out orange-red magma,Braving the hot breath,Swallowing everything around,The surface melts quickly like chocolate,The underground palace seemed to be suddenly pulled away from the supporting force and began to collapse,in spite of‘Instructor’Hastily continuously used supreme mana,But still couldn’t stop Zhenshanchu from flying above the underground palace。
Flower part above Jinshanki,Looks like a soft and boneless light ball,Really tough,Crash all the way up,All the shelterable buildings in the underground palace are as soft and fragile as tofu,And the unmanned large formation is a joke in front of Jinshanki,With the collapse like the last days,A mess in the underground palace,Jinshanki pulls out a white trail,Already rushed out of the palace,Then rushed out of the ground and skyrocketed。
‘Instructor’Chased in midair,But stopped abruptly,Looking at Jinshanki going away,Don’t know what it feels like,It’s actually closer to Zhenshanchu,They are one,But why did Jin Shanchi leave so resolutely?
Li Tianzhen, who was wrapped in the bud, was not unconscious,Did not suffer any harm,He seems to be back in the deep hole of the small world,The breath and closeness are very similar,The only difference is,He became a navarro,But it doesn’t fall apart like a crock,Then self-repair,Just floating quietly in the air on the side of the flower。
This huge flower,Or it might be called that Jinshanki should have its own will,Li Tianzhen can feel its anger,It’s not just that the other party unscrupulously explored his gods,And the hot smell in the bud、The harsh sound like cut beech wood,Like venting anger,Or maybe it’s a curse like broken thoughts。
Li Tianzhen didn’t know that Zhenshanchu had already rushed out of the underground palace at this moment,And flying higher and higher,He just wants to try to communicate with each other,Since there is will,The communication of divine consciousness is amazing。
“Don’t know if you can understand me,I always feel familiar with you,At least we have the same attributes,Such as rebuilding aura,Or the chaos they said。”