This is a terrible and huge assumption,Dahua Country actually has a dedicated family,Targeted at slaying dragons,Or occupation。
You know that the dragon is a sacred symbol of Dahua,People are actually spirit beasts,It’s just a more advanced existence of this other spirit beast。
And the dragon is the king of all spirit beasts,Nature is also an existence that humans respect。
Someone even carried the entire Dahua country in Tulong,This is incredible。
“This is fake!”
“fake?”Tu Cancan puzzled,“Shouldn’t you just say these are true,There is a change now。”
“Everything else is true,But this is fake!”
Xia Chenglong is so sure,Naturally because of his feelings。
The dragon looks mighty and sacred,It’s far worse than a real dragon,Mainly lies in the embodiment of Longwei。
He also has dragon blood in his body,It stands to reason that both sides will feel,But in his perception,The dragon inside him,Dragon blood is something that I disdain,Even with some hatred。
“Don’t mention what dragon is?”
“If you didn’t guess wrong,It should be similar to Jiao Yi,It’s just that this guy cultivates to a certain level,It’s almost finished getting rid of the dragon!”
Tu Cancan nodded,The way it turns out。
“All right,Nothing good,Still hurry up and find a way out,I always feel like here is not**all!”
“What is insecure,Some ice sculptures,Could it be that they will survive?”Tu Cancan doesn’t care at all,Did not realize the danger is approaching them step by step。
Right where they just came in,Cracks appeared on the surface of the ice sculpture,And this kind of crack slowly extends to the whole body。
Not just it,There are other guys touched by Tu Cancan,This happens。