“I have to discuss with my mother,Not sure。”
“Hey,Why don’t you think about where to go??”Abao thinks it’s time to enjoy it,I have been in the securities department for most of the day。
“I found the tank a few times,He is in the boxing gym,Go play?”Wang Shuai proposed,Leopard is very interested。
Chen Wenjin just wants to go home,Because I didn’t buy stocks today,He has to spend the next time again。
But Chen Wenjin hasn’t had time to speak yet,Abao’s phone rang,It happened to be red again,He took,Then say:“Have a suitable car,Let’s go see?Red trot,Two hundred and fifty thousand。”
Chapter One Hundred and One No?
“Send me back to get the money,Then go to see the car!”Wang Shuai is very excited,His first mobile toy in his life!
Chen Wenjin promised Abao,Just say:“If you are satisfied with this car,Wang Shuai, do you have to give Abao a big red envelope as a thank you fee??”
“no problem!Should!”Wang Shuai suspects that Chen Wenjin is revenge for the barbecue dinner last night,But he is in a good mood,Introducing Abao Intermediary,Take advantage of it。
“Look down on me?You all look down on me?Just that,Do i have to collect money?I’ll be so clear between brothers?”A leopard is a true face,Screamed very seriously。
Chen Wenjin thought about Abao, this is shooting himself in the foot,Maybe Abao thought Wang Shuai would actively persuade him to collect money, right?……
Wang Shuai said with a smile:“right,I forgot that Leopard is a million leopard!Row,Since it is a good brother,Don’t talk about money,Thank you so much!”