Shangqiu Xinguan Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office on August 23, August 23, August 23, 15:30 on August 23, Yucheng County People’s Hospital reported an example of new corona pneumonia without symptomous infection Immediately transfer to the provincial fixed-point hospital isolation treatment, and the fixed hospital is revised as a diagnosis case. The patient is a family member who is confirmed by the case of three to cases 13 in the city. As a close contact, as a diagnosed case, the patient has been concentrated in medical observation since August 13, it has been in centralized isolation control, and on August 23 The isolation point routine nucleic acid detection is positive. Experts’ research-discovered that the patient was conducted by 8 nucleic acid tests from August 4th to 21st. The results were negative, and there were no close contacts during the isolation from August 13th to 23rd, and the positive detection of nucleic acid from the last exposure to nucleic acid did not exceed 14 days, infected during the common residence of other confirmed cases. The patient directly caused a low risk of spread. Previously, the city has launched a five-round nucleic acid detection and launched a key personnel, a key area nucleic acid detection, and has not found other new infections, prove that existing prevention and control measures are effective. The epidemic risk level adjustment and isolation personnel lift the isolation procedure, still according to the "Interim Subsidicity and Adjustment Risk Level" (Shanghua Defense Office "issued by Shangqiu Xinzhong Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters (Shanghua Defense Office [2021] No. 124) implement. Here, you will remind you that it is necessary to fully understand the complexity of the epidemic prevention and control, but must not be relaxed and slack.

Be sure to firmly confident, keep your strength, steady, step by step, continue from stricting from the strict perseverance to prevention and control. The investigation must not be leaked, and the source of the flow must be found. Nucleic acid detection must ensure quality, central isolation and home isolation must be strictly managed in accordance with the latest version of prevention and control guidelines, and resolutely prevent it from being separated and closed. At the same time, remind everyone that good living habits are "social vaccines" to prevent epidemic, you must do personal protection, stick to wear masks, wash your hands, more ventilation, less gather, one meter. Shangqiu Xinzhong Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office August 24, 2021.