“What did you say,Think people are so bad”Ouyang Hongbai glanced at Xia Jian,Xia Jian suddenly felt that Ouyang Hong was very cute,Don’t think she is the head of a town,Weilai is really scary,But she has time in front of Xia Jian is a wayward little girl。
Xia Jian suddenly changed the subject:“He Jing’s business is very hot,Do you want to kill her tonight?,Don’t you rest tomorrow?Just going out to play“
“Ah right!Why did I forget her,Row!We go find her,Bring this little girl with you,Crowded“Ouyang Hong said,Pointed to the busy Mu Rong Sisi。
Listen to it,Little mouth speaks:“Sister Ai Hong!She’s not a little girl,I’m twenty-five years old“
“is it?Why didn’t I see,Twenty-five years old,Why marry,Have you found a good boyfriend??Sister introduce you to one”Ouyang Hong rarely has such a good mood,Suddenly joking with Mu Rong Sisi。
Mu Rong Sisi smiled and said:“What to look for,Isn’t this ready-made handsome guy right here??”Mu Rong Sisi said,Chao Xiajian blinked,Looks very fun。
“so rude,He is your boss“Ouyang Hong said with a deep face。
Mu Rong Sisi doesn’t care about her,Haha smiled and said:“What’s wrong with boss?He wants to marry a wife“
Xia Jian has a look,If the two of them continue to fight like this,I might say red face,So he hurriedly shouted:“OK,Say something useless,I think it’s almost time,let’s go!By the way, stroll around Donglin Square,These days it can be suffocated“
“it is good!You go first!Call me after booking,I have something to do here“Mu Rong Sisi said with a smile。Xia Jian nodded,I greeted Ouyang Hong,The two came out of the farmer’s company。
When he went downstairs,Cai Li happened to have a face-to-face with him,When Xia Jianzheng wanted to say hello to her,When this woman saw Ouyang Hong next to Xia Jian,Suddenly came a ninety degree turn,Leaning around Xia Jian。
Xia Jian who is a bit lost,Can’t help but shook his head。
Since Jing He started operating audio equipment,The whole person has changed,Dress up first,The second is speech and behavior,Xia Jian suddenly felt that she was like a woman。
“Yo!It doesn’t seem to be windy today!How did the two come together,Isn’t he trying to invite me out??“When He Jing saw Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong,Just joking。
Ouyang Hong snorted coldly:“I’m so embarrassed to open this mouth,Let us invite you?Your big boss did nothing,Why make so much money?Isn’t it the beginning of collecting dowry??“
“Marry you big head,Don’t you just want me to treat?Ming said it was done,What I owe Mr. Xia is more than just a meal“He Jing said,Two beautiful big eyes glanced at Xia Jian。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“How about you let your body agree,I don’t have to pay back this favor“
“I think so too,But Xia always has his heart,He didn’t even look at me,look!Where are his eyes“He Jing said with a smile。