It’s just that Li Tianchou is really new to Myanmar,The only understanding is the inculcation of international relations during the training camp,Limited to humanities history and a little current affairs,Then there is a bit of evil to make up for online travel guide articles。Now that I have an old man with me,Much more convenient along the way。So he nodded,“First time,Also want to see more。According to the itinerary of the tour group,I’m worried I can’t see anything,So I want to walk by myself。”
“Oh yo,That feeling good,If you don’t dislike it,Follow the old man,Keep you safe。But be careful,This visa has time,Don’t run away and never come back。”
Li Tianchou laughed,“Don’t worry, sir,I still have a mess in my domestic company,How can I just run,Rare easy days。”
In this way,The old and the young have a good chat。In the gossip,Li Tianchou learned that the old man’s surname was Pan,Early widowed,Have been living inSZcity。One child and one daughter,Eldest daughter married and married,Settle in the magic city with your husband’s family,Youngest son is still single,Live with the elderly,The company was dispatched to the Myanmar branch the year before last。
As for why Old Man Pan didn’t apply for passport and visa directly in the name of visiting relatives,Li Tianchou also got an idea,First, my son is too busy at work,Inconvenient to interrupt,I stay for two or three days every time I go back,Second, the old man likes to travel,Walk around,So the route of each cross-border travel is different,It seems that this situation is reasonable。
And for my own situation,Li Tianchou’s introduction is very simple,The old man doesn’t seem to know too much,Because of the fatigue of the journey,Fell asleep early。
Tour in Banna on the second day,Li Tianchou apart from walking around,Also bought a lot of maps,In various forms,Attraction map、Administrative division map etc.,Even the tourist map of Myitkyina has,Still translated into Chinese。
Since returning from the scenic spot,Li Tianchou kept flipping through various maps,Don’t carry the old man,And claimed to be geographically blind。Although there are detailed maps in the information sent by the instructor,But not as intuitive as the one just bought at hand,Many pictures merged,A clear three-dimensional picture was formed in his mind。
The next day is the second attraction on the itinerary,Ruili, a famous tourist city on the China-Myanmar border,That is a picturesque、A small city rich in ethnic characteristics,And there are a lot of jade,Especially Burmese jade is very popular。
Many mainland merchants and collectors love to buy rough stones here,Looking forward to producing high-quality beautiful jade、gem,Gradually a well-known gambling market was formed,So Ruili is also called“The Land of Gambling”。
Ruili is located in Dehong Prefecture, northwest of Banna Prefecture,Not close,Crossing Pu’er northwest、Lincang two states,Take the bus6Hours。Leaving at five o’clock in the morning,I may not be able to arrive before noon。Give Li Tianchou the feeling that joining a tour group is like marching on the road,This secretly met his needs,But for real tourists, it’s a bit guilty,The so-called view,Can only look at the state of mind。
Not as famous as meeting,Ruili’s jade market is located in the tourist pedestrian street,Large and small jewellery and jade stalls and various tourist crafts stalls crowded the market。
Li Tianchou didn’t expect it to be so popular,Small streets can be described as shoulder-to-shoulder,People everywhere。From all over the country,Do not,Should be jade from all over the world、Jewelers have gathered in this small place。Tangible*、There are countless tour groups waving various flags。
On both sides of the small street are buildings with national characteristics,But almost everything is modern reinforced concrete,Really not worth seeing。Li Tianchou is also very uncomfortable with such a crowded environment,And the initial excitement of the old man surnamed Pan passed,Can’t stand it,So the two hardly need to discuss,Left the tour group together。
Unexpectedly,The next project is that the tour guide will pull everyone to a relatively remote shop,Start selling products hard,Call everyone to buy,If not buy,Hum,What to do,Old man Pan knows a lot,Talking about introducing Li Tianchou。
As for whether it is really as the old man said,Li Tianchou doesn’t care。The two are planning to walk around,Have lunch,And then join the tour group,The afternoon route is to Moria Tropical Forest,Then return to Nankan in Myanmar via Wanding Bridge,It is naturally much more convenient to follow a tour group,As for whether the tour guide will retaliate for leaving the team without authorization,Is not in his consideration。