All the Su family present leaned over,Salute to Su Daqiang’s ancestors。
Under this blood-connected atmosphere,Even Su Yi and Su Xuehen couldn’t help bending over to salute,Only Lu Menglin is still sitting in the chair,Hold still。
And at this moment,Other people noticed,Except for the kid surnamed Lu,There are also a few people who did not bow down and salute,They are the ones following Su Daqiang。
At once,These people suddenly became conspicuous。
Chapter six hundred and ninety three Ming Tianjiao
Those who follow Su Daqiang,Obviously not from the Su family。
Headed by a young man with white hair,This person has handsome features,Slender,Although gray hair,But there is no trace of twilight,Instead, it exudes a special sense of mystery,I can’t help but want to find out。
The unique mystery of this young and mature,For many little girls,It is a lethal lethality,What’s more, his looks are always first-rate,The gray hair,The juvenile feeling in this person is even more vivid。
Standing beside the gray-haired youth,Are four young men with strong builds,Their faces are firm,Calm eyes,At first glance, you are in the army,With an undisguised iron-blooded temperament。
The four soldiers in the army stand beside the white-haired youth,Formed a natural guard,Like the stars holding the moon,Brings out this person’s extraordinary,Aloof。
“Hey!Ming family boy,Chasing girls must do it yourself,Now my boyfriend is here,Can it be done,It’s up to you。”Su Daqiang supports the wheelchair with both hands,First slanted his eyes and took a look at Lu Menglin,Then turned his head and shouted at the white-haired young man under the steps。
He shouted,It made Lu Menglin look at him with admiration,Almost didn’t laugh out loud。
I thought this old man’s personality is really unusual,Completely different from what I imagined,It’s not like behind the scenes of Su MansionossStyle,It’s like the old rascals common in a certain village。
but,After the old man shouted,Everyone present finally knew the origin of the white-haired youth。
It turns out that he is Su Xuehen’s blind date,The second son of the Ming family,Ming Shizun!
Ming family is a big family in Beijing,In terms of power and background, it is several times stronger than the Su family,And Ming Shizun is the new generation of Ming family unicorn,It is said that this person is a rare young genius in a century,Can recite poems and paint at the age of six,And won the junior champion of the National Go Tournament,Also known as the Junior National Player。