“What do you think!”Qiangwei is desperate for Liu Chuang’s brain“Chuangzi,All,including you,You will wear it then!”
Liu Chuang passed by Qiangwei’s reminder,I thought of myself wearing a maid outfit,Then I feel that the whole person is not good。
“Kill him,Such a bitch can’t stay in the world to harm people!”If only women wear it,Liu Chuang feels he can bear it,After all, he is a gainer。
But you want him to be a big man,Also wearing this thing,He thinks this kind of world,It should be destroyed。
Although some double standard,But who makes this a human instinct?。
“All right,Start fighting,Qilin captures the vision,Liu Chuang is ahead,Qiangwei protects Qilin’s side,And Mengmeng and Liu Chuang fight together,Be careful to protect yourself,Xin Zhao’s speed is too fast,And his first target,It should be Qilin!”
“Roger that!”
Analysis of Lena,Everyone is convinced。
“Then the five of us can’t lose and keep defending here.,If you enter the jungle,It is very likely to happen to something we can’t imagine,So what to do this time?”Liu Chuang asked。
Let him hide here and wait for Xin Zhao to come out,Liu Chuang feels aggrieved,And if you want to go in,He was also worried about Xin Zhao’s speed。
“go in,If the five of us continue to wait here,That battle is likely to remain deadlocked。Besides, Xin Zhao has long-range attacks,Here we are very likely to be sniped by each other。”
“Sister said,Then let’s go in,I’ll open the way first!”Liu Chuang takes the lead,The whole person walked straight ahead,And Rui Mengmeng is by his side,Change your position from time to time。
As for Lena, she is in the middle.,An energy bomb in hand is ready to be launched at any time,Qilin is going to use her eyes to capture Xin Zhao’s movement,Qiangwei is there ready to attack at any time。
Although Qiangwei’s melee ability is not strong,But after Dukao had the resources,I prepared a dark alloy dagger for her,It is considered that Qiangwei has the super high attack ability of an assassin。
Xin Zhao is also considering the opponent’s strength at this time,When starting again,Liu Chuang and Rui Mengmeng are the best solutions,Threat to Xin Zhao,Also the smallest,Because he is too fast,It’s not that Liu Chuang who is idle can go to the mountain。