“but.Ok!”Mi Xiaochong heard Lord Wu Hao’s voice,Suddenly thought of those companions who died tragically in front of me,Those people and him are teachers and friends,Along the way,But I didn’t expect to die on this plane。
Mi Xiaochong gritted her teeth,Don’t care about the benefits,If the chest is not flat,What’s the point of being alive?Do not avenge the teachers and friends,Are you still a person??Meet on Huangquan Road in the future,What else is there to see them!
Want to be here,Mi Xiaochong got hot in her chest,Suddenly understand,Struggling to knock the staff in his hand on the glass cover。
Lu Menglin saw this scene,So I lightly refreshed my brows,I feel better。
At least Mi Xiaochong is willing to do it,It shows that the sacrifice of Gao Dajin and the others is worth it,If their sacrifice,In exchange for a profit,Little master,It would have been too wrong to die。
boom!Mi Xiaochong’s staff hits the tempered glass cover,Just heard the sound,The glass stays still。
This cover is a container used by Glacier Girl to protect her body,How could it not be strong?Mi Xiaochong as a linguist,Although the strength is not weak,But to crack this kind of thing,It still depends on the martial artists。
“Forgive me!I can hand over the lowest level of authority,From now on,Willing to be controlled by you!”Glacial girl screamed。
“Do it!What are you doing??help!”Lu Menglin shrugged,Said angrily。
Tu Shanming made a strange cry,Rush forward,Picking up the Iron Slasher, just a guy hit it,The huge glass container cracked immediately,The crack spreads in all directions like a spider web。
“This knife is for Strict Shou Copper!Such a good big bald head,I was killed by your ugly thing!”Tu Shanming scolded,I started to slash again。
“This knife is for Gao Fatty!He still owes me Yuyuan yet!”Tu Shanming hit another backhand,Knocked hard on the glass cover,The crack on the top is bigger。
“And this knife,When given to Dabra!I remembered,That guy bought me dates!”Tu Shanming made his third shot with all his strength,Slash in place。
boom!The glass cover finally can’t stand the sword strength,Burst,Shattered。
The liquid inside flows all over the floor in an uproar,That giant brain is lying in the almost dry pool,A weak look,Looks really ugly to the extreme。
“Do not,Don’t destroy me!I can do many things!”The image of Glacier Girl is getting blurred,The voice has also become a lot thinner。