and so,This brilliance also belongs to them!
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Nine First in the conference
“it is good,Then i declare,Today’s game is over,Tomorrow is still this time,Everyone see or leave,By the time……”
“and many more!”
Dream Butterfly has not finished speaking,Xia Chenglong speaks out。
“Mr. Xia,do you have any requests?”
“Start today!”
Very simple words,Directly lifted everyone’s appetite,Dream Butterfly Heart Understanding:“Mr. Xia,Are you sure for the last match today,Let me remind,The Liu family didn’t fight!”
“Yes,I am sure!”
On the surface,Such a decision is too hasty。
I knew they would face the Liu family next,An existence more terrifying than the Chen family,And they fought continuously,This is extremely unfavorable for the Zhao family。