[Does drinking blood sugar increase?]_Impact_Danger

Many patients with high blood pressure and hyperglycemia will say the last sentence on the banquet. They are not in good health and cannot drink alcohol. Will drinking blood sugar increase?

High blood sugar means that the body contains too much sugar, which can cause diabetes if it is severe.

Alcohol can affect the secretion of insulin, so the function of dirty indicators will be affected after drinking alcohol. Let’s take a look.
First, can alcohol lower blood sugar?

To explain this problem, we must first talk about the source and way of blood glucose.

Food and liver are two major sources of blood sugar.

Foods such as starch produce glucose. I believe everyone is familiar with it. The liver uses the gluconeogenesis and decomposition of liver sugar to produce glucose. In simple terms, the liver converts non-sugar substances or glycogen into glucose.Ways to keep our blood sugar stable in the context of our own mortality.

Let’s talk about how alcohol lowers blood sugar.

First of all, alcohol can affect the function of guiding the viscera, stimulate the secretion of insulin, and speed up the way of blood sugar.

In fact, the metabolism of alcohol will affect the metabolism of the liver, thereby inhibiting the process of gluconeogenesis and preventing the conversion of glycogen to glucose, reducing the rate of glucose production.

In the end, many sugar-drinkers will unconsciously reduce food intake, especially starch, and reduce the source of blood sugar when drinking alcohol. Therefore, some sugar-drinkers will find that blood sugar drops when measuring blood sugar after a meal.
I believe that many sugar friends ca n’t help asking: “Then we all drink alcohol, so can we lower blood sugar?

“In fact, the lowering of blood sugar caused by drinking can not treat diabetes, and it is also very harmful to us, such as mild liver disease and obesity caused by long-term or excessive drinking.

So it seems that there is no scientific basis for this statement. Alcohol is quite harmful to the human body, and drinking on an empty stomach may even threaten life.

Drinking blood sugar can be said to be nonsense.

If you want to lower your blood sugar, it will take effect only after you have a reasonable diet and a good schedule. Xiaobian hopes that those of us who have high blood sugar will not trust rumors, and good self-care is the key.