Toothpaste contains abrasives to damage teeth

Toothpaste usually uses the friction agent contained in it to achieve the brushing effect, but dental experts remind: friction agent will destroy the smoothness of the tooth surface, causing tooth discoloration and corrosion, it is recommended to choose a toothpaste with smaller friction agent particles, do not force too much.


hzh{display:none;}  中华口腔医学会儿童牙科专业委员会委员、福建医科大学附属口腔医院儿童牙科主任姚军博士告诉记者,牙膏是刷牙时所必须的辅助材料,牙膏清洁牙齿的作用是通过其中After the granular friction material contained in the tooth surface is repeatedly rubbed, it is achieved by removing food residues attached to the tooth surface.

At present, almost all toothpastes contain friction agents.

  Yao Jun reminded that these friction agents rub on the tooth surface twice a day. Continuous friction will destroy the smoothness of the tooth surface, make some food residues and pigments more easily adhere to the tooth surface, and it will easily cause tooth discoloration andCorrosion, which is why some people feel that the more they brush their teeth, the more they get dirty.

  Yao Jun said that the cells that make teeth will disappear by themselves when the teeth are healthy and will not regenerate for life.

Therefore, the damage to the tooth surface cannot be repaired, and the damage is permanent.

Especially for children, because the deciduous teeth and newly-grown permanent teeth are not fully developed and the tooth surface is relatively soft, the damage caused by friction will be valued.

  Experts recommend that you choose toothpaste with smaller friction particles and don’t use too much force when brushing your teeth. Please check with a professional doctor regularly to provide guidance on brushing supplies and methods.