Since November, the main stock indexes of the A-share market are mainly shocking, and the new energy sector has a trend of rushing high, but the wind power plate is stronger. The estimated advantages are obvious, and the industrial development prospects such as the industry have become the main reason for the previvities of this sector recently funded.

  Industry insiders said that based on carbon-up peaks, carbon neutralization goals, renewable and clean energy industries will usher in accelerated development.

Wind power, especially the sea wind power, has rich development resources, clean and safe, and the future has a large drop of season, which is expected to become a new style of future new energy investment.

  The estimated advantage is highlighted from the context of November 18, in the context of the A-shares market, the wind power plate is prominent, and the Chinese card wind power industry index rises up to the potential. Among them, Tianneng Heavy Industry has increased more than 12%, and the era of new materials, Tongyu Heavy Industries, Jiangsu new energy, and Dajin heavy work rose more than 5%.

  The China Films Index official website shows that the film-powered power industry index is released on April 29 this year. It is from the Shanghai and Shenzhen market. No more than 50 business involves the upstream materials and components of the wind power industry, and the mid-resemble and other related supporting equipment. As an operating listed company securities as an exponential sample, reflecting the overall performance of securities in Shanghai and Shenzhen market wind power industries.

WIND data shows that as of November 18, there are 33 constituents in the CDM wind power industry index, and the total market value is 100 million yuan. Among them, three stocks with the highest weight are sunlight, gold wind technology, Mingyang intelligence, and market value is above 50 billion yuan. Since November, the Shanghai Composite Index has fallen%, and the new energy theme index in the Chinese card is finally returned to the new high, and the cumulative callback is accumulated.

At the same time, the Chinese card wind power industry index rose up to. Analysts said that the estimate advantage is obviously the main reason for the recent wind power sector out of the independent market.

WIND data shows that in the new energy-related topic index, the wind power industry index is the lowest, as of November 18th, its P / E Rate (TTM) and the net rate (LF) are summarized; new energy and photovoltaic industry index The price-earning ratio is 50 or more, the city is 5 or more; the P / E rate of the power battery and the new energy car index is more than 80, the net rate is 10 or more. In the case of a large number of stocks, the three wind power stocks, the total market value of the three wind power stocks, the total market value of Tongyu heavy workers, the total market value of Tongyu Heavy Industry, the price and earning ratio, the city net rate is, and estimated The value advantage is highlighted. It is also because of the current relative estimation advantage of wind power plates, the public funds have begun to increase wind power racing from the third quarter.

In addition, the website shows that more than 10 fund companies have reported the Wind Power Theme ETF application materials and have been received.

From the product form, these more wind power themes ETF take an index fund form, and the tracking index is the Chinese card wind power industry index. It is expected to become the next blue sea industry, saying that wind power, especially sea wind power is expected to become the next blue sea in my country’s low carbon energy development.

According to the relevant data of "China Wind Power Development Road Chart 2050", my country’s water depth of 5 meters -50m waters can be developed by approximately 500 million kilowatts.

According to the Natural Resources, the 2020 China Ocean Economic Statistics Bulletin has shown that in 2020, the sea wind power developed rapidly, and the number of grid-connected capacity added in the year was 306 million kilowatts, which increased than the previous year.

  Industry insiders said that my country’s sea wind power has completely entered the stage of scale, commercialization. Domestic fan technology and construction technology have achieved breakthrough progress, and the single-machine power of sea wind turbines has developed rapidly from 4 MW to 10 MW levels, and the gap between the international advanced level is gradually narrowed.

At the same time, the sea wind power is gradually developing from the nearly sea to the deep sea. With the maturity of floating, the far-sea wind power can be developed huge. On November 16th, in the Central European Sea Wind Power Industry Cooperation and Technical Innovation Forum, Chen No.1, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: "Large fan, scale development, floating foundation, marine wisdom operation, and far-reaching sea Soft power transmission technology, It is the direction of sea wind power. "Not only in the country, the development of sea wind power is also recognized by many other countries. On November 5, US Energy Giard Mingni Energy Submit a plan to the Virginia Member, applying for approval of the construction of GW), Virginia Coastal Sea Wind Power Project. The total investment of the project is approximately $ 98 billion, which is the largest sea wind power project in the United States so far.

Previously, at the 2021 International Wind Energy Conference held in Beijing, the Deputy Director of Denmark announced the bidding plan of the North Sea Energy Island in the 2022, and the energy island can provide a large number of wind power, distributed transmission to European consumers in the future.

  With long-term profitable space industry, the industry is generally believed that the current wind power industry is in the high-speed development stage, the construction of sea breeze will accelerate the seafood parity process, and the offshore wind power leaders in each link will continue to benefit, and the future of sea wind power market in the next 10 years is good.

  CITIC Jianota said that the wind power industry chain mainly includes the upper reaches of raw materials and parts manufacturing and manufacturing and cable layout, the three main sections of the downstream wind power operators, participating in listed companies.

The glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced material producers in the forefront of the industry chain, as well as the gross profit margin of the downstream operations, while the middle-reachen blade and the whole machine manufacturer have undertaken larger fuel pressure, profit is compressed.

Since the entire industrial chain presents a characteristic similar to the "smile", it is expected that high value-added enhancements and operations are expected to have more profit marks for a long time. In the context of the improvement of sea wind power, Zheshang Securities believes that all parts competition patterns and product value are expected to increase large changes, and components such as bearings, flanges have largely enhanced supply chain. Small and medium-sized manufacturers are gradually fade out of supply chain, and the headers are optimized by competitive landscapes. It is expected that the market share and profitability will increase and improve.

  In the investment recommendation, Minsheng Securities said that it is closely equilized, sea wind power trend, accelerating advanced production capacity layout, and pays attention to the need to realize the growth of the city share. In addition, under cost decreased stimulation, second-line machine manufacturers and other high-quality parts and whole machine manufacturers in winning bids and shipments are also worthy of attention.

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