Just when they are discussing here,Li Na who was beaten by Chen Sanqiang,But walked over,Covering his swollen mouth,Said with a little effort:“I want to,I like this car“
“You’d better be less involved in men’s affairs“Chen Sanqiang said fiercely。
Li Na was not afraid of him this time,But said coldly:“Chen Sanqiang,Just hit,I admit,But if you can’t get this car,I will die tonight for you,I, Li Na, do what I say“
Ouch!I heard Li Na say that,Xia Jian’s heart froze,This car looks a bit hanging,This woman has even taken her life,He can’t force people to death!For a motorcycle,It’s not worth it!
“Sorry Li Na,Dong Ge did something wrong just now,He Jing has booked this car,You discuss with her!If she agrees,I have no opinion either,But hurry up,Someone will pick up the car at nine o’clock,I have no time to accompany you“Dong Ge suddenly made a big turn of 180 degrees,Be a good person。
Xia Jian has a look,Things got to this point,If he doesn’t show up again,Is he still a man?He Jing, for his car,I’ve already worked with Chen Sanqiang。
Ouyang Hong discovered Xia Jian’s actions,Grabbed him and said:“There is nothing for you here,Don’t be impulsive,These guys,At first glance, there is a background“
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Do not worry!I’ll be fine if I go,Didn’t you see that He Jing and Chen Sanqiang were wrong??They fight as soon as they meet,There must be something between them“
Ouyang Hongyi listen,Think about it too,Hands loose。He Jing smiled and said:“Get on,I can’t figure it out,What’s so scary“
“Sorry,Boss He reserved the car for me,Since the car owner has no opinion on the price,We just drove this car,Please give me the car key“Xia Jian walked over,Reach out,He is asking Dong Brother for the key,I also want the key from Chen Sanqiang,Anyway, there must be someone speaking between them。
Unexpectedly, Li Na is one step ahead,She stood in front of Xia Jian,Two charming eyes,Looked at Xia Jian up and down,Then said softly:“I like this car very much,Can you let me ride“
“You ride?This is men’s,Not suitable for you to ride with a woman,You should choose another one!“Xia Jian said,Thought,What a goddess,He thought,Li Na got this car for Chen Sanqiang,Unexpectedly, she even rode by herself,Such a big body,Can she manage it??
Li Na let go of her hand covering her mouth,Stretched his head in front of Xia Jian,Say harshly:“What happened to the woman?Isn’t it a little different from your men??Just that,Don’t believe it, let’s try,See who rides well,If i lose,Ride this car“Li Na said,I made a gesture in my hand,Why is this woman like this,Made Xia Jian a little embarrassed。
“Than,Who is afraid of whom!“He Jing came over,Patted Xia Jian。
Xia Jian whispered“I haven’t ridden“His voice,Very low pressure。
He Jing is a smart man,She froze for a while,Smiled and said“Oh!You mean you want to ride this new Yamaha,I’m afraid this won’t work,People will say you bullied her“He Jing said,Glanced at Li Na。
“cut!The ability is not in the quality of the car,Let’s start,Ride from here to Baoping Village,Where is the corn on the cob,Get one as a mark,Back again,Who throws the corn cob here first,Whoever wins!“Li Na finished,Take the car key from Chen Sanqiang,Lost it。
Xia Jian reached out,I got my car key,But he was nervous,From small to large,He has only ridden a bicycle,But also borrowed from another home,That means he doesn’t know how to ride his own car,I have to ride a motorcycle to compete with others,Isn’t this a big joke??Unless he doesn’t want life。