Except for a few bloody soldiers,Others were killed almost as soon as they entered the map。
the reason is simple,That version finallyBOSSThe Scarlet Moon Demon uses a ground thorn attack,Killing effect full screen,In other words,Just enter the map,Will be attacked。
And the senior legendary players of this era,The equipment on his body is generally Zuma sets,How can you withstand the attack of the Scarlet Moon Devil??
Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Four Each has the number of channels
Overlord Aotian comes in and out,He actually lost a third,All his equipment is top quality equipment,Don’t be lower than him,Worse than him,Players with less health than him,The ending can be imagined。
The players outside are still rushing towards the demon lair,Because they don’t know what’s insideBOSSIs a full-screen indiscriminate attack,Until rushed in,The screen turned directly into black and white before exclaiming,The ghost cries and the wolf howls。
Before Leng Yue Wuhen and the wizards in the guild entered, they already saw the typing of soldiers and wizards on the guild channel.。
“Don’t enter,Don’t enter!Just hang up!”
“BOSSimpressive!Spike full screen!”
“Mage don’t enter,If you enter, you will die!Warriors go in and see。”
Battle reports keep coming from the guild channel,I believe the other two guilds are similar at this moment。
Heard the warning from the guild brothers,Leng Yue Wuhen and Leng Yuexue were hesitant。
If you know you go in, you will die,So is it necessary to go in??
At this moment,Lu Menglin has replaced the teleportation ring from his backpack,Replaced the knight bracelet with a pair of defensive Yama gloves。
The equipment of Yama Gloves was quite controversial in the minds of legendary players.。
First of all,As Zuma sets,Yama Gloves0-4High defense properties,Many fighters think it is definitely worth having,At least if you wear Daguai,Will cost less red medicine。