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Sour plum soup is a rare summer drink that not only quenches thirst, prevents heat stroke, but also suppresses the aggravation of inflammation and reduces pain.

In summer, the body temperature of pregnant women is relatively high and they will feel very hot. You can drink some plum soup appropriately, but if you feel uncomfortable, you must stop immediately.

From the nutritional point of view, the content of organic acids in plums is very rich, such as citric acid, malic acid and so on.

Among them, there is a special citric acid, which can effectively inhibit lactic acid and expel harmful substances that harden blood vessels.

Excessive lactic acid in the body is an important cause of fatigue.

Therefore, when the summer is tired, drinking a cup of sour plum soup can gradually improve the refreshing effect, so that muscle and vascular tissues regain vitality.

In addition, so many acidic substances can also promote the secretion of salivary adenosine and gastric glands. In addition to refreshing and quenching thirst, you can also avoid motion sickness when going out, or hang up after drinking too much.

Sour plums contain many vitamins, especially vitamin B2, which is dozens of times higher than other fruits.

Although it tastes sour, it belongs to alkaline foods. You eat more acidic foods such as meat. Drinking plum soup will help your body’s blood pH balance.

In addition, Sour Plum is a natural laryngeal moisturizer, which can gently moisturize the irritated part of the throat and relieve pain.

The individual differences of pregnant women are different. Some pregnant women drink a little and are fine; others drink too much and feel uncomfortable.

Absolute sour plum soup is not absolutely prohibited, but try to drink less or not.

Sour plum soup contains hawthorn. If it is mixed in a large amount, it will easily stimulate the uterine contraction. It may cause miscarriage in the first trimester, and it may cause the baby to be uncomfortable.

Pregnant women drink as little plum soup as possible.

Especially the frozen sour plum soup is best not to add, because cold things, it is more likely to cause contractions.

Pregnant women should not drink commercially available plum soup (because it contains hawthorn). If you can remove hawthorn and make homemade plum soup, pregnant moms can still drink it.