Supplement with ten essentials, ten not greedy (on)

The principle of “ten must” is: 1.

The food should be fragrant: it means that the food should be reasonable, the cooking should be done, and it is suitable for the food color, fragrance and taste on the table to improve the appetite of the elderly.


Good quality: refers to the elderly should eat more nutritious foods, such as high-quality protein with rich amino acids and easy to digest, such as eggs and soy products, vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, and excessive starchfood.


The number is small: the number of foods consumed by the elderly is small, and should not be too full. It should be sufficient for seven or eight minutes, especially for dinner. You can use small meals.


Absolutely light: It means that the elderly should not eat salty foods. Excessive salt can cause high blood pressure and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, the daily salt absorption should be controlled below 6 grams.


The food should be rotten: the food that the elderly eat should be as soft as possible, rotten, and the brakes are absorbed and absorbed by the elderly.


Diet should be warm: refers to the food temperature of the elderly should be hot and cold, especially pay attention not to eat too cold food to avoid causing disease in the body.


Food should be mixed: It means that the coarse and fine grains should be reasonably matched, and the main food should be more.

Because the nutrients of cereals, beans, fish and other foods are different, the reasonable combination of various foods is conducive to the complementarity and absorption of various nutrients.


More vegetables: refers to the number of vegetables used by the elderly, the amount of food should be more appropriate, the standard is to eat more than 500 grams per day is appropriate.

Because fresh vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals and cellulose, they play an important role in protecting cardiovascular and anti-cancer and preventing constipation.


Fruits to eat: Fruits are rich in vitamins and trace elements, which have a great effect on maintaining the pH balance of body fluids.


Eat slowly: Refers to the elderly do not worry when eating, should chew slowly, both inhaled digestion and absorption, but also prevent accidents caused by improper eating.