Have seen such a handsome、The suave villain?……Oh,They are blind。
“ridiculous,You are burying corpses,That these vendors attacked you,If they are making money and killing,Why are you still alive?”The man with high hair sneered。
Zhu Minglang、Fang Niannian is silly。
What kind of logical art is this??
With his understanding,Who killed each other,Who is making money and killing。
“The intelligence of the entire Ji Ting Continent has been lowered by you,They are the villains。”Fang Niannian said angrily。
“Ugh,I met a few Jianzong children with bad brains,I’m too lazy to talk to them。”Zhu Minglang said。
Several Jianzong children,But wandering outside the city of sin。
They dare not step into the city of sin,Because they are weak,It is far from the level and strength that can wipe out the entire Sin City。
But I want to make a little reputation when I’m out there,Show some prestige。
So waiting near the city of sin,Plan to take down some wanted villains who walked out of the city。
“Into the city of sin,There is nothing innocent,We walk for the sky……hateful,Don’t go,Explain your crime clearly,Free from skin and flesh!”The man with high hair。
Moonlight white,Sprinkled like frost in this small mountain forest。