Xia Jian shook his red wine glass,Slowly fell into thought。He remembered the first time he saw Ouyang Hong,Which night is there when the snow is flying…
Xia Jian freed his thoughts,Can’t get back to God for a long time。Bai Xiaoru sat opposite Xia Jian,Looking at Xia Jian quietly。Until someone outside called the waiter,Xia Jian shook his head violently。
“Like it!We will cloud the province together tomorrow,How about I send you back?”Xia Jian said,Ha ha A happy。
Bai Xiaoru took a breath and said:“OK!It seems that I have caught the light of Ouyang Hong。But you can do,I’m still very happy。At the very least, Bai Xiaoru didn’t see the wrong person”
that’s it,Xia Jian and Bai Xiaoru made an appointment,Xia Jian sent her to the place,Then Xia Jian returned to the Convenience Hotel。Guan Tingna rented a house outside,She doesn’t want to stay in the hotel anymore。Thus,This house is temporarily occupied by Xia Jian。
Although Yao Junli’s bedroom is unoccupied,But now it’s a bit unsuitable for him to live。Because of this,Xia Jian was afraid of others’ random arrangement。
the next morning,Xia Jian got up earlier。He packed up some of his clothes,Then stuff it into the bag,Just went to the office。
About half past seven,Bai Li and Guan Tingna came one after another。Xia Jian held a small meeting for them,Tell me about my recent work,Then tell them,He is going to the provincial capital。
Where is the boss,The employees below dare not ask at all。This is the rule,Guan Tingna and Bai Li naturally understand。So the two of them didn’t ask anything。
Arrange work,Xia Jian went back to the room and carried his bag。Because the province and city are compared,I must stay overnight if I drive,If you run back and forth,It’s very hard for one person。
After getting in the car,Xia Jian wants to call Ma Yan,Tell her to go to the provincial capital,But I took out my phone,He doesn’t want to fight anymore。Because he thinks there is really no need to tell her about it。
Xia Jian first found a gas station,Filled the car with gas。Then I went to the place where Bai Xiaoru lived。He past tense,Bai Xiaoru moved all the bags to the roadside。This woman is really capable,Normal women can’t do this。
Put Bai Xiaoru’s luggage in a car,Xia Jian bought a few bottles of drinks at the roadside store,That’s why I started the car happily,Drive quickly towards the highway。
When leaving the city,Xia Jian saw tears in Bai Xiaoru’s eyes,Don’t say it’s a woman,Men also have this emotion,It’s just that the man has tears and doesn’t flick。