“She is not suitable to be a killer!From the trajectory of the shot to the mentality,Amateurs are revealed everywhere。I don’t know what made her want to kill me,But her goal seems to be only me。Otherwise it’s been so long,I didn’t see her trouble with anyone!”
Xiang Chen leaned back in the chair,After the training of Han Zhili last time,For China’s liquor,He still has a certain awe,Of course it also has a certain resistance。
Hiccups are full of happiness,This is Xiang Chen since his birth,The fullest and most reliable meal。
Yuan Qing’s trembling figure is reflected on the bulletproof glass,Xiang Chen said silently, quite persistent!
As long as Yuan Qing doesn’t trouble other people in the inn,Xiang Chen doesn’t mind having a little tail always following him。
Turned to look at Yao Yao,Yao Yao seems to have known what Xiang Chen wanted to say,Speak:“I will pack these,You go to solve the trouble!”
Afraid to wake up three sleeping people,Yao Yao was also awkward to tidy up the dining table。
Finally saw the two people in the inn cleaning the battlefield,Unfortunately,Those two don’t look like a hangover。
In Yuan Qing’s memory,The five people in the inn should have drunk four or five bottles of liquor,But the facts are here,Two other people are sober。
It seems that I can only give up today!Yuan Qing was disappointed,But there is no alternative。
Life and death,The essential difference between women and men。
Look around,Yuan Qing found that she had nowhere to go,As for the house that always remembers the two brothers,Yuan Qing has regarded it as her last home,Before there is no revenge,Yuan Qing doesn’t plan to go back。
Trembling all over,But the cold on my body didn’t get any relief。
Yuan Qing looked inside the inn again,But found that only the very feminine man is busy alone,And Xiang Chen has disappeared。