“teacher,I didn’t steal money,How about you bring up the surveillance video of the corridor?”
Qin Shuhui heard warm words,Shocked,Added immediately:““teacher,No need to call out to see,During break,I went back to the classroom to send homework to the English teacher。”
The warm smile at the corner of the mouth is getting stronger,She spread her hands:“That’s right,You turned out to be the culprit。”
“because……I never went back to the classroom!”
Said with a warm smile,Hearsay,Qin Shuhui’s face suddenly changed to the color of pig liver。
“Warm,By now you will admit it!Only you turned my bag!”
“I didn’t go back to the classroom at all,And because there is no money,So the physical education teacher accompanied me to the canteen to buy sanitary napkins,Teacher can testify。”
“and so,I have alibi,And you,Became the only one who was in the classroom。Then,You put the money in my bag,Not trying to plant、Are you framing me??”
The classroom suddenly calmed down,It was so quiet that you could almost hear Qin Shuhui’s heartbeat。
As long as it’s not a fool,All know what happened。
Who the hell,Is the real“Prisoner”。
“Classmates go to self-study first,Warm and warm,Qin Shuhui,You two come to the office with me。”
Third floor office。
“teacher,I asked to see the surveillance record.”
“To shut up!”
Qin Shuhui hasn’t finished yet,Was frightened by the class teacher’s severe orders。
Warm and Nuan put pressure on the side:“Qin Shuhui,How serious is it now,Are you clear?If i want to hold,With the power of our Wen family,I am afraid you are more than just being ordered to drop out。”
“and so,You better explain clearly,Why do you do this,Who instructed you to do this?”
Qin Shuhui’s face changed several times,Tears are also rolling in my eyes,Obviously can’t bear the pressure at the moment。