Knowing the first-year transcript of “Salt Member”, it is estimated that users will increase by 4 times
On March 18th, the Internet content platform Zhihu announced that as of the end of February this year, the number of Zhihu users had increased four times over the same period last year.Zhihu also announced the launch of the “National Reading Program”. From March 18th to 25th, thousands of “Salt Selection” expert lectures were opened for free to provide users with more high-quality content and services.A year ago, Zhihu launched “Salt Member” on the basis of setting up a “super member” to expand the rights of members to the entire community platform, covering content, community and members.In addition to accessing almost all of the content, “Salt Selection Members” have exclusive rights such as owner-owned logos, member-only customer service, and many other benefits in addition to improving the user experience through exclusive functions such as keyword blocking on the homepage and posting pictures in the comment area.At the same time as the membership system was upgraded, Zhihu also made corresponding adjustments to its organizational structure, and renamed Zhihu University Business Department as Zhihu Member Business Department, and listed member business as one of Zhihu ‘s strategic development goals.Membership business will become an important profit model known as advertising business, but knowing the vice president and the head of the member business department Zhang Rongle highlights that in a short period of time, he pays more attention to content and user experience, and is not excessively pursuing profit.A year later, I know that the member business has formed a complete closed-loop ecosystem. Some users have created a “salt selection column” and their monthly income exceeds 20 million.Zhang Rongle believes that Zhihu estimates that the rapid growth of users mainly benefits from two aspects.First, the benign integration of members and Q & A communities has tapped and played the role of the community’s “reservoir” and continuously delivered excellent creators and users for member business.The second is to know that it is more concentrated on the content category, to further give play to the advantages of graphic content, and in the huge content field, it has accurately divided the areas with the highest degree of self-fit.Zhang Rongle said that in the future, knowing that members will anchor the direction of digital reading platforms, further expand content categories, prosper the creative ecology, optimize the consumer experience, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.In 2018, the content is called to become a new outlet, and there have been many forms of knowledge community, personal consultation, guide, online teaching, etc., Zhihu, Weibo, Toutiao, Himalaya, etc. have been waiting for players to enter the game.Zhihu is an early player in the field of content research.In 2016, Zhihu took the lead in launching “Value Hu” and starting “Scheduled Consulting”.Later, Zhihu moved offline lectures to online, made Zhihu Live, and launched products such as e-books and lectures. The use scenarios are becoming more and more abundant, the number of products is increasing, and the scale of users is constantly expanding.In March 2019, Zhihu further clarified its development strategy and officially launched the “Salt Selection Member”, positioning it as an alternative digital reading platform for the community.Currently, Zhihu provides users with more than 5.70,000 knowledge service products, including more than 2,000 salt selection columns, and nearly 10,000 games about Live, 3.40,000 high-quality e-books and lectures, and a total of about 1.10,000 first-line magazines at home and abroad.In 2019, Zhihu also launched a series of explosive content “personal stories”.Sauna, Ye Wang Bai Jinlei editor Wang Jinyu proofreading Li Shihui