2015 CCTV sports figure winner list announced Zhang Hong cross-dressed
Last night, the 2015 CCTV Sports Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing Antiques. The organizing committee created a total of 11 awards. Among them, Li Na won the honor of the best female athlete, and the competition for the best male athlete was more fierce.Rou Ningzetao defeated Lin Dan, Zhang Jike and other famous generals to get this model.At the award ceremony, Zhang Hong, the speed skating star, was the most eye-catching. She changed a total of 3 dresses.Zhang Hong’s admission dress Zhang Hong’s award-winning dress Ning Zetao at the awards ceremony at the big gathering to prepare for the Sochi Winter Olympics last year, Zhang Hong introduced the women’s 1000-meter speed skating gold medal and realized the history of the Chinese Winter OlympicsBreakthrough with gold medal and zero.  Last night, I sang the theme song, posted a selfie on Weibo, and won the annual breakthrough award. Zhang Hong can be said to be very busy. In addition to his outstanding performance, Zhang Hong changed 3 gorgeous dresses throughout the award process: oneA red dress, a low-cut evening dress and a silver dress made her the most beautiful female athlete last night.Speaking of 3 sets of dresses, Zhang Hong said: Tonight is a big party, well prepared, and I want to show another me outside the stadium.  Zhang Hong, holding the best breakthrough award winner, was very excited. She said that from the age of 7 when she was exposed to ice skating, the Olympic champion dream was planted in her heart: At this moment, she feels like she has returned to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics to receive the awardOn stage.Thank you to those who have helped me and inspired me for the past 20 years.I also hope that more Chinese athletes will make breakthroughs in the future.There are precedents for packaging newcomers. Last year’s sports figure became popular with the sailing star Xu Lijia. Another one was a poem “Favorite” adapted from “The Silence of Banza Guru Baima”. People appreciate her talent and style.The focus of this year’s sports figure packaging is Zhang Hong and Ning Zetao.  One of the backgrounds of Zhang Hong’s stealing the mirror is that Beijing and Zhangjiakou are bidding to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.Zhang Hong also expressed his inner vision: I still have six months to look forward to.I hope that I can work hard until 2022, knowing that as a winter snow athlete can participate in the Olympic Games in my own country and in my hometown, it will be the proud and glorious thing of my life.  In addition, Xiao Xianrou, swimming star Ning Zetao appeared on the red carpet in a purple casual suit with black rivet sneakers, and a long printed scarf tied around her chest was more beautifully finished, winning the crazy scream of fans.He beat his predecessors Lin Dan and Zhang Jike and won the Best Male Athlete Award.  There is no shortage of Fujian elements at the award ceremony. Xu Yunli won the Best Team Award with the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team and Chen Shiwei won the Best Combination Award with the Chinese Men’s Sprint Relay Team.Lin Dan and Yao Jinnan won the best nominations for men and women.In the Unknown Person Sports Spirit Award, sports teacher Chen Wenbin from Xiamen became a candidate. Although he failed to win the award, he received support from more than 36% of netizens on the Internet, leading him in popularity.Winner list Best male athlete award: Ning Zetao (swimming); Best female athlete award: Li Na (tennis); Best newcomer award: Yuan Xinyue (volleyball); Best non-Olympic athlete award: Chen Penbin (extreme sports))); Best Coach Award: Lang Ping (Volleyball); Best Combination Award: Chen Shiwei, Xie Zhenye, Su Bingtian, Zhang Peimeng (Athletics); Best Team Award: Women’s Volleyball Team; Best Breakthrough Award: Zhang Hong (Speed Skating)Best Disabled Sportsmanship Award: Chinese Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team; Unknown Person Sportsmanship Award: Dai Jianrong (Special Olympics Teacher); Jury Award: Li Na (Tennis).