Liu Yuanchun: Grasp the employment and grasp the core of economic stability
On May 22, Sauna Night held two sessions of economic strategies, invited economists to be a guest in the live room of Sauna Night, Peng Sen, former deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, former director of the Institute of Finance of the Ministry of Finance, and Jia Kang, director of the China Academy of New Supply Economics,Liu Yuanchun, vice president of Renmin University of China, and Cao Yuanzheng, chairman of BOC International Research Co., Ltd., etc., jointly interpreted the government work report released this morning.Liu Yuanchun said that whether a major public health crisis will evolve into an economic crisis is one of unemployment and employment.Therefore, seizing the employment issue actually seizes a core of economic stability, a hub, and also cuts off the middle way for the public health crisis to spread to other crises.Therefore, we must realize that this world-class super epidemic that has not been encountered in a century has brought about an impact on employment and various significant impacts on employment. This is why we have to protectEmployment is at the core, and we must consider issues from the development of human history and the world.In fact, the data of double concern about severity is still the basic livelihood problem of tens of millions of families.At present, the total employment is 7.700 million, urban employment 4.4 billion, rural employment3.300 million. At present, in the national socialist system, with the large enterprises and administrative institutions responding to the call, there is no problem with the basics of urban employment and high-end employment, but we will find that 3.300 million rural employment, especially the employment of nearly 300 million migrant workers is a super problem.At the same time, the employment of individual industrial and commercial households and small and micro enterprises in the city has also been impacted, which makes the society most prone to complex changes.Therefore, the expectation of ensuring employment must be placed on the historical and global scale. At the same time, it must be implemented on a microscopic scale, and strategic and important should be considered from the perspective of the livelihood of the marginal population.Sauna, Ye Wang Pan Yichun editor Chen Li proofreading Li Shihui