Li birthday screen debut, guest star “The Man Who Was Captured by the Light” presented love chicken soup
On December 3, the director and screenwriter Dong Runnian, Huang Bo, Wang Luodan, Tan Zhuo, Bai Ke, Huang Lu, Song Chunli starring, Huang Jue’s special star “The Man Who Was Captured by Light” released a special edition of “Li birthday”.In the film, Li Xian presented her screen debut, the guest film “The Man Who Was Captured by Light”, and unlocked the triple identity of emotional mentor, ace sales, and anthropologist in the film.The film was released at the beginning of December 13th.In the newly released “Li birthday” edition of “The Man Who Was Taken by the Light”, Li birthday played three programs on his own, and sharply influenced love views in three different small theaters.In the first “Qianjia Lecture Room”, “Professor Christmas” took the lead in replacing classes, thinking that light has nothing to do with whether the two are in love. A single light cannot determine the sincerity of each other’s feelings, and exposes the truth of contemporary young people’s lives.In the second “Love Defence” program, he turned into an emotional expert and repeatedly asked about the love after “White Light”.Just when all the viewers thought that the comments were meaningful, the style suddenly changed, and Li Chen was seamlessly switched by the emotional expert to sell the new identity of the trump card, and then grab the wedding photos from the marriage.Why Li Li was able to appear in this movie also aroused the curiosity of the audience.It is understood that he also has a close connection with the film. In his novel collection “Lengchang”, some people have the short story “After the White Light” loved by readers. Attentive readers have noticed that Li Shan once made it clear in the book.Thanks to Dong Runnian, the director of “The Man Who Was Captured by Light,” and the creativity of “After the White Light” came from Dong Runnian.On the basis of Dong Runnian, Li birthday followed the same character names and matched different plots to create a unique story.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Li Xiangling