China VS Kuwait Prospect: Wu Lei became the absolute top card Kuwait’s strongest battle
At 19 o’clock on September 4, Beijing time, the Chinese men’s national team will play a warm-up match with the Kuwaiti national team in Anshan. Although it is only a friendly match, for the national football team that will usher in the Asian Cup in January next year,Fighting in Kuwait has a strong practical significance, this is the first time Pei Jiajun played against Asian teams.The national football team has already expressed its determination to win, and the Mesozoic players will carry the banner of Pei Jiajun.郜林在本场比赛将出任队长看点一:佩家军首遇亚洲队 国足理应取胜  国足和科威特历史上交手18场,中国队8胜5平5负稍占优势,两队最近一次交手是On February 12, 2012, the national football team defeated Kuwait 2-0 in the friendly match and scored twice in Dabao.In the latest issue of the world rankings, China ranked 97th, ranked 13th in Asia, Kuwait 111th, and Asia ranked 2nd behind China.Sitting at home, whether it is psychologically or objectively, the national football team should be able to defeat their opponents.  In addition, this is the first time that Perrin has faced an Asian team since he became the national football coach. After the French took office, he completed the first training competition in June. At that time, he played two games with Macedonia and one game with the Mali team, one after another.A record of 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss was achieved.This time Pei Jiajun faced the Asian team for the first time, the performance is worth looking forward to.看点二:国足堪称疲惫之师 能否打出血性让人期待  在联赛间歇期,国足迎来了两次热身赛,经过中超和足协杯的苦战,许多国脚刚刚度过艰难的一周双赛,There is no doubt that the new Peijun Army is a tired team.What’s more, after the two warm-up games, the internationals will re-enter the final battle of the league, the national football team may also be distracted.  However, before the game, the Chinese team officially released the official posters of the two warm-up matches. In the poster, the ancient armor and the national football team uniforms were integrated into a paper, and a golden roaring panlong was like a force surrounding the whole.In the picture, the generals of the national football team wearing such a heroic shirt to the battlefield will be full of blood, destroy the city and fight the enemy.This also reflects the determination and confidence of the national football team to win.Therefore, what kind of attitude and state the tired teacher will show is very much anticipated.看点三:中生代球员扛大旗 武磊成绝对头牌  首次集训后,重招老将的呼声比较高,不过此次二期集训,佩兰还是强打年轻牌,所有进入名单球员的年龄都不超过30The absolute main force of Evergrande, including Zheng Zhi and Sun Xiang, failed to be selected for Perrin’s national team.  On the offensive line, Perrin’s preferred forwards were Yang Xu and Gao Lin. The former in Shandong Luneng could only serve as the third forward after foreign aid Lowi and Aloisio, while Gao Lin had been in the winger position at Guangzhou Evergrande.Although Wu Lei’s status and goals are far more than Yang Xu and Gao Lin, but in the national football, he needs to assume more of the role of offensive organizer.看点四:科威特最强阵出战 国足热身含金量足  从科威特的来华阵容来看,主教练维埃拉几乎选拔了国内最好的球员、组成了最强阵容参赛,球队只缺后防中坚Nada.The actual significance of the two warm-up matches in front of the national football team has clearly exceeded the warm-up match itself-the national football team is to prepare for the Asian Cup group match against Saudi Arabia through Kuwait and Jordan. Kuwait and Jordan also hope to prepare for the Asian Cup against China.The same group of East Asian rivals South Korea and Japan.