With the rapid development of the Internet, the network has become an indispensable part of people’s lives.

The Internet has become increasingly becoming a daily work, life, learning, indispensable platforms and assistants, profoundly changing people’s lifestyle, behavior, and values. During the gradual formation of network civilization, the Internet also brings challenges while bringing people. Young people are the main force of Internet life, and the purification network should be a breakthrough in young people.

Network civilization, network security needs to strengthen publicity, promote netizens to enhance legal awareness, do the Knowledge law, consciously regulate their network behavior, and actively maintain good network order. Creating a good atmosphere of a network civilization personality, everyone participating in a good atmosphere.

The Internet has brought great convenience for our lives, learning and work, purifying the network, is a common responsibility for every netizen, making the network better with our lives, need all network users’ joint efforts. Internet access, civilized Internet, rational Internet, distinguished, constantly release positive energy. (Yang Bo).