This newspaper is revitalizing and talent. In recent years, 100,000 "Niangzijun" in Fenggang County will comply with the changes and development needs of the times, and rooted in the grassroots fertile soil, and since the "small pot", I walked up the "big stage" of the side of the side, and fought with hardworking and wisdom. Country revitalization first line. Since the winter, the source of cotton shoes produced by Yongkai Shoe Industry Processing Factory in Fenggang County has continued to sell to Fenggang and surrounding counties (cities). It is optimistic.

10 years ago, Li Yongqin learned from Zhejiang returned to the hometown, and opened a cotton shoes processing plant in Fenggang County in Fenggang County. In 2018, the shoe factory was developed.

In order to solve the employment problems of the people in the county, the people of the city, the district, the local party committee and the government have vigorously supported the factory building into the Fengxiang community. Today, Li Yongqin’s processing plant has more than 300,000 yuan, with an annual output value of nearly 4 million yuan, helping more than 60 relocated family women, and solves more than 20 disabled employment.

Li Yongqin also won the model title of Zunyi City.

Born in the Yongan Town, Fenggang County, Yang Xiui’s body is strong, under the support of the party organization, after more than ten years of development, her original hand-made tea small workshop has developed into a 2000,000 yuan production value this year. Xiugu Tea Industry Co., Ltd. and adopts the "Branch + Company + Cooperative + Farmers" model, develop more than 3,600 mu of tea gardens, and more than 1200 tea farmers around the radiation will increase rich, solve more than 200 people have near employment, let more more than 10 Disabled people achieve stable income. Tan Guiju, the chairman of Guizhou Shennong Mei Industrial Co., Ltd., nearly seventeen, has contracted a uncombed rice factory in the past years, and develop orders in the "Party Building + Company + Cooperative + Farmers" model, the scale is also, the larger, A total of more than 20,000 farmers in 11 towns (streets) in Fenggang County and Zhoufang County are income.

Tan Gui will receive the national entrepreneurial star, Guizhou good people, etc.

After the high quality won the poverty, Fenggang County, based on the advantages of the local talent resources, combined with the concept of "Mo", innovating the revitalization of the "Mo" talents, and condensed the women in the countryside, The county rural development, great prosperity contribution.

In Fenggang County, like Li Yongqin, Yang Xiui, Tan Gui Sui’s "Mo" has more than 300 "Confucius", which has played the role of demonstration to promote local development. Not only that, Fenggang County also adheres to the party building with women’s construction, focusing on "holding home, development, tutor" ability training, continuously carrying out rural women, relocating the number of women "three abilities" to improve the activities, 100,000 people in the county " "The Niangzi" became a new type of woman "Ming Ming, Will Hold Home, Skills, and Development", which fully plays a "half-side" role in rural revitalization. Fenggang County also attaches great importance to cultivating the use of female cadres, adheres to the correct orientation of people, educating people, selection, employing people, and constructing the first-line selection of the grassroots, precisely set, scientific, boldly useful cadres "Full Chain", built a "big stage" of the female cadres to revitalize the country. In the past three years, more than 30 women’s cadres have experienced growth in the grassroots level and embarked on the leadership position.