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If no response for a long time, please refresh this page without fees brain, do not work, just do a bank card, and it will be transferred to others to use can receive compensation, you heart it? Come to a halt! To do so is likely to become the telecommunications network of criminals committing the crime "accomplice."

  Recently, the Beijing Chaoyang police successfully destroyed a large criminal gang help information network, detained 31 criminal suspects.

  Glued clues deeper investigation catch the "big fish" Recently, Chaoyang Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment in combing the relevant clues, find Zhongmou (male, 21 years old) in two start-up of a bank account suspected of helping the public telecommunications network fraudsters flow proceeds of crime funds. In this regard, the Criminal Investigation Unit immediately deployed police task force set up to investigate.

After work, investigators in identifying the Zhongmou temporary accommodation, Suili its upcoming arrest.

  Under questioning, he confessed that Zhongmou this year met a man named "A wind" the man working at the time, introduced him to the other side of Beijing registered company, opening a bank account to the public, represent not only Guanchiguanzhu this period, accounts run can be sold to others after use, benefits are substantial.

Zhongmou this heart, so they made "A wind" arrangements to Beijing, the company registered under a nickname "Bird Uncle" and a man nicknamed "Sister," the woman led and opened to the public accounts, and account the price of 1,500 yuan sold two. Later, "A wind" and also arranged for another Zhongmou account Zengmou (26 years old) who led after the sale as the desire of staff to Beijing on the public accounts, to arrange for their accommodation.

  Then the task force nonstop immediately Tongzhou staying in a place Zengmou captured. According Zengmou confession, he was in the introduction, "A wind", was named a "boss" of the man who led develop into account personnel arrangements for food and accommodation. It says, "A wind" on the Internet looking for people to want to come to Beijing to open an account "boss", will be settled after their contact information sent to Zengmou.

After these people to Beijing, had made arrangements for accommodation, then to the "bird tert" and "sister" companies registered with them, for the public accounts, and the company’s business license, official seal and bank account card, U shields by the "big sister "The acquisition, and then sent by courier" boss. " Careful investigation of criminal gangs now true shape carded two confessions, the panel gradually find out a large-scale information network to help gang organizational structure.

The gang hierarchy clear, strict division of labor, like a "pyramid": "Boss" as a total person in charge, is the spire; "A wind" is responsible for finding people to open an account and arrange it to Beijing; Bell, who account holder, who is responsible for arranging room and board; "Bird Uncle" and "Sister" responsible for account holders registered company, for a business license and opened to the public accounts, and finally by the "big sister" to run the license, account, etc. to the "boss", each link the fees are the "boss" to pay.

  Although the gang situation clearly, but the "boss" "A wind" "bird tert" "Sister" and other key members is "dragon head, not the tail."

Especially the "boss" and "A wind" never appeared, but with others over a network connection, the boss and winds, also do not know each other, and the birds Uncle, Sister never met, do not know each other’s identity, these backbone members often change contact details, it is difficult to determine its identity.

  To this end, the panel intensify its efforts to root out the clues, and to strengthen the analysis judged.

After nearly a month of efforts, the strong help the relevant departments of the Council, the task force has identified the backbone of the real identity of "bird tert", and other big sister, and synchronize screened out of the gang responsible for the agency, led the named Ma Wang, 19 Gongmou and other suspects.

For the latter we have only heard his name, but not its people "boss", making a large number of investigations, the panel finally grasp that it is somewhere in Guangdong Province in – the case made a breakthrough. Four arrested gang nest end the basic information of the Comprehensive Nuclear-clearing members of the group, after the fixed relevant evidence, the panel together with Shibalidian, Southern mill, home to spend and other police station set up 11 Zhuabu Zu, respectively, to Beijing, Hebei, Guangdong four areas where the gang members were "close the net", the "bird tert" Mr. Han (aged 46), "big sister" Mu a (female, 36), "a wind" Wu (male, 23 years old) and other 31 people arrested in one fell swoop, and seized, including 101 bank card, U shield 106, business license (the whole) of 224 sets, a large number of items involved, including the official seal 506, and was captured personnel the identification of a suspect named Yang (male, 39 years old), head of the gang is the "boss" – At this point, the transfer of the proceeds of crime for the telecommunications network fraud criminals, has involved more than 1,200 cases nationwide criminal gangs declared "destruction." The investigation, Yang, Wu (A wind) and other browsers recruitment website, by candidates to leave telephone contact them, has the Han (PSY), Mu a (big sister), who develop off the assembly line and in the same way wide looking like Zhongmou such persons who want to sell the public account profit company registered in Beijing, opened to the public accounts, after the acquisition of these accounts and then sold to foreign criminal gangs profit. This year, Yang cumulative profit of 150 million yuan, Wu, Mr. Han, a Muslim profit reached more than 20 million. At present, Yang and other 31 suspects arrested for the crime of criminal activities help information network, Chaoyang Public Security Bureau has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. Creative Source: Criminal Investigation Unit, Shibalidian police station, police station south of Mill, home to spend the police station.