In the past few days, Guiyang sun is brilliant, the weather is warm, many citizens have come from home, enjoy a rare sun in winter, breathing fresh clean air. Since this year, in order to effectively reduce the emission of motor vehicle pollutants, improve air quality, Guiyang City adopts a variety of measures, multi-department linkage to increase motor vehicle pollution management, strictly check the motor vehicle exhaust emission, guard the "Guiyang blue" to achieve the city environment Air quality continues to improve. On December 7, the reporter saw in the Southwest Ring Road section, the road section has a banned logo, motor vehicle exhaust design monitoring logo, and is installed with black smoking car electronic capture equipment and motor vehicle exhaust remote sensing detection system, Real-time monitoring and displaying the exhaust emission of the vehicle. "Installation and monitoring is a good thing, emissions are not compliant can’t go to the road, and if you are in violation of the road, you should accept the penalty. Now I rarely see the black smoking car, the air has a lot.

"Luo Zhiyong who did business in the nearby shop. On November 30, 2020, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Committee, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, and the Municipal Public Security Transportation Administration jointly issued the road inspection road inspection on the road-driven motor vehicle And the notice of the black-smoked vehicle remote sensing and law enforcement ", the requirements for the remote sensing law enforcement of the motorcycle road inspection and black smoking cars, and clarified the punishment.

The law enforcement adopts the on-site punishment and non-live punishment. By carrying out the road inspection path in the road inspection path and the remote sensing law enforcement, the diesel cargo pollution control device, the vehicle diagnostic system, the exhaust gas discharge are subject to examination The inspected object is all kinds of vehicles that travel in the road in the Guiyang administrative region.

The unqualified vehicle of emissions exceeds the standard will be required to rectify, and the rectification of rectification is still unable to reach a standard and traveling in the 15-day rectification period.

Vehicles who have not repaired and re-inspected within the prescribed time limit will be included in the ecological environment, transportation, and public security traffic control departments, and open the model, license plate, and enterprises to the public, and deal with the law Or punishment.

In addition, the unit to which the supervision "Blacklist" or a comprehensive performance test cycle is supervised to measure the extra-standard operating vehicle, will be listed as a key supervision object by the ecological environment and the transportation department. For transport companies that have more than 10% of its total vehicles in 1 year, the transportation and ecological environment will be included in the "blacklist" or key regulatory objects by the transportation and ecological environment.

"According to the monthly capture quantity, the implementation of the blackboan for ban first results, the monthly capture quantity decreases.

The provision of prohibited regions has effectively reduced the emissions of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and promotes continuous improvement in the city’s air quality. "The staff of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau said that the city has basically established the joint law enforcement mechanism of" ecological environment, public security joint approval, public security punishment ", using black-smoked vehicle electronic capture system for non-live forensics, punishment.

Since this year, a total of 905 black smokers have been arrested, and 368 vehicles have not been announced in accordance with vehicles that have been repaired and re-inspected as required, and they are included in the supervision "blacklist" and transferred to the Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau for punishment.

"Next, we will continue to strengthen the supervision of high-emission vehicles such as black smoking vehicles. On the one hand, we will continue to register the vehicle registration, and do not meet the relevant vehicle management procedures for diesel vehicles that do not meet the requirements of emission standards and emission inspection; On the other hand, the whole city’s black smoking electronic capture system is fully upgraded, enhances the efficiency of capture, and further increases the rectification of black smoking cars, completely cut off the ‘black tail’ of the emission vehicle.

"The relevant person in charge of the Guiyang Ecological Environment Bureau said. (Guiyang Daily Mong Media Reporter Zhang Wei) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.