This newspaper (Luo Rui report) to ensure the implementation of various decision-making deployments of flood control and disaster relief, protect the lives and property of the people, come over, Jinsha County Taiping Township Discipline Inspection is in-depth development of supervision, and doing the smoothness of the government, prohibit the ban, ensure flood prevention Work is in place.

In accordance with where the flood control disaster relief work is deployed, the supervision and protection work follows where to follow, the township discipline has established a special inspection team to supervise and inspect the overseas flood prevention emergency disposal work. Through the on-site supervision method, the supervision team implemented the flood relief measures of various functional departments, the prevention of emergency rates, the various villages (community) flood prevention preparations carried out daily supervision, and the disaster prevention and disaster relief materials found for supervision and inspection In place, the flood control is not implemented, etc. During the rainfall, every day to the key village group to view the disaster stricken situation, and strengthen the inspections of the key area risk points, and dispose of hidden dangers in the first time.

At the same time, the township discipline committee uses the advantages of "the body of the grassroots", and uses the distribution of leaflets to communicate the discipline and requirements of the party members and cadres, to ensure the unity of ideology, the awareness of action, and build a sense of flood prevention.

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