After a bursary,Yun Luo threw a piece of clothes from the inside……
Chu Deiren looked,Directly cut,Solve the sound of torn again。
“Inside?”Chu Deiren asked。
“I broke myself.!”Yun Luo is obviously not a hundred,And her jade,The petals is almost sharp sharply。
Chu Deiren nodded,After that, throw the clothes over,I feel that there is no omission,I am going to put as much as possible.,Push out。
Don’t use the Chu Deire,If there is no sob,Although the acting is general,But the same can be Jiajia!
Sure enough outside,There are a few more than Song people.,But the waist has obvious people who have obvious Warrior。
“Gourge is busy?”This warrior is still very well trained,Nothing tone,I don’t know what Chu Dee people are really busy with what is busy last night.……certainly,The actual situation is like this.。
“kindness,Give our big Song’s county,Prepare new clothes。”Chu Dee people told。
“Take your stay。”Although the Samurai is stiff,But speaking is also polite。
Chu Deirers,Understand each other is existed“Lasso”……At least“use”Mind。
After all, in the opponent,You will not be a guy with Song Ting.,I will even be extremely hateged by Song Ting!
Although the Chu Deirers said that it is now.,But easily don’t want to come.,I don’t know where I’m closed.,In case the other party, it is not good to do the hostage.,Two……East、Even the masters of Shenhou secret cultivation,I don’t know how much here.,It’s not necessarily,Still trying to explore the enemy.。
As for the direct delivery of the main master,By the way, report here?
Chu Deirers do not think,Testimony with Yunli County,I can get rid of yourself,After all, I am really noticeable.,Just tied to Yunli’s things to be touched.。
But if you saved too much,The nature is completely different——Can play one“Yunluo, Master, Tongjiang Lake Friends,Phavless help too much”Drama!
Chapter 258 Misleading
Chu Deirers send Yun Luo to send still clothes,Dongpu people invited Chu Debans to meet。
“Hahaha,Huishin took a rest last night.?”A young man who looks still over 20,Asked the Chu Deirers。
Chu Deer actually recognized this person,Not the leader of the assassin last night——This is completely“feel”,Chu Deirers feel the martial arts in front of him,Without the leader of the assassin last night。
However, the other party obviously wants to misunderstand this,It is also specially imitating the accent last night.,Therefore, the Chu Deirers also put it without knowing……
“Self-add,I haven’t given Thank you all.。”Chu Deirers said that they also made an aftertaste.。
“Come,I introduced it to Huax.,This is the Master under,First expert in supporting,But horse、Mr. Liu Sheng!”This young man introduces the first person to the Chu Deirers.。
I saw a wearing,Sitting in a futon, also demanding the middle-aged people sitting,At this time,Look at the Chu Deirers。
But horse,Is the name of the official position,That is“Horse”Regional sealing noble,Liu Sheng is surname。
This person is like a sword.,Aggressive gaze,Do not cover up,In the beginning, the Chu Deirers couldn’t help but wanted to avoid his eyes.,But because guesses may be“Undermount”,Premature preparation,So forcibly control yourself,And moments……Painting wind mutation,Then there is no matter what to do with Liu Sheng,!
“It turned out to be a predecessor Liu Sheng,Long-lasting。”Chu Deer’s voice,But hold the fan.,I really don’t respect respect.。
“it is good,Song Ting, Rakari Land……I will Liu Shengtai,I really didn’t hear the flower part,But I don’t think there is also a young man.。”Liu Sheng, but the horse is also a seemingly praised,In fact, it is questioned the origin of Chu Deer.。
certainly,In support of the scale of support,Even the Song Ting is also considered“Ground University”。
Chu Dee people secretly beaten——Probably the leader of the guest last night,It is a black pill that is fake.,Just his identity is not good now exposed,So I saw Chu Deirers,Changed to Liu Sheng but horse?
At this time, Dongpu also splits into several small countries.,Of the strongest、Also as the main country of Dongpuzong,It is supporting the country。
This incidents of Wu Pong、Princess,It can be said that it is already a master in the forefront.。