“Not to mention the actions he planned,He killed it himself,Deputy National Level One,Three ministerial level,13 Deputy Ministers,More below,A hundred people cut is enough,But Zhu Sanye killed all corrupt officials,Make people unable to fault。”
Wu Qiaohua introduced Zhu Guosheng’s brilliant record to Xiang Chen。
“Abroad,Zhu Sanye without any restrictions,More joyful!”
He whispered to Xiang Chen,The tone is rather helpless。
Nodded,Xiang Chen is understandable,Why was at home last time,Even if Wu Weihua has pretended to be dead,When talking to Zhu Guosheng,Still can’t help but restless。
“You told me so much,I’m not afraid that Zhu Guosheng will seek revenge from you afterwards?”
Xiang Chen raised one eyebrow,Looking at Wu Weifeng questioningly。
I heard Xiang Chen’s question,Wu Weifeng was stunned for a while,Then he pointed to his bedroom,Said helplessly:“Looks exactly like my first love,Very strong little girl,Everything is on her own,To avenge Tian Dazhuang,Gave me my innocence,Don’t I even dare to tell Mr. Xiang you some news??”
“I said,She still has nothing to do with Da Zhuang,So you don’t need to explain to me。But you took things from others,We have to give people corresponding remuneration,This is fair。I want Tian Dazhuang’s justice,I’ll talk about all the truths,Count your worth slowly!”
Xiang Chen jumped straight downstairs,Fall heavily on the ground,Then he stomped a few times,Then left。
Wu Weihua, who is leaning on the armrest, has not finished smoking the cigarette in his hand,Look slightly solemn,But there was a smile at the corner of his mouth。
Now seems to understand,Why does Master Ziqing admire this man so much?。
Re-enter his bedroom,Wu Weihuan didn’t lie on the bed anymore, Sun Luyao’s body,But went to the desk。
“Don’t forget what you promised me!”
When Sun Luyao is talking,Bit her lower lip lightly。