At this moment, Yin Sang squinted,“why,I just want a place to live well。In fact, the treatment of Xuan-level scavengers is pretty good,Usually deal with some weak traitors。Besides, here in the island country,There are not many masters。And we have at least six-figure income every month。This kind of life is actually pretty good.”
Listening to Yinsang talking to himself,Zhong Fa didn’t dare to act rashly。Because Yinsang’s speed has already surpassed the strength that Xuan-level should have.。
It is clear,This person is not a profound expert at all。The speed just now,Even Zhong Fa dare not say that he can keep up。In other words,The opponent is at least the same level as him,It might even be a heavenly powerhouse。
But he can’t figure it out,Why should a heavenly powerhouse hide in a profound scavenger?And it looks like,No one knows about the Scavengers department。
Kim Sang, who has been partnering with him for many years, never thought that the person next to him is a super master in disguise。Maybe Jinsang never thought that he died in the hands of his companions?
next moment,Yinsang raised his head and looked at Zhong Fa and Chen Feng。
“Ha ha,Just eat rice。”
Finished,He closed the knife and left。
Zhong Fa swallowed
,Looking at each other’s back,For a few moments,He has an urge to rush forward and continue fighting with the opponent。
Unfortunately he dare not,The spirit is withered。In the case of being suppressed in various aspects,Fight against such a person,Maybe he will die。
When I was in China,Of course Zhong Fa wouldn’t be like this,At that time, even if you are facing up to the strong,Zhong Fa won’t flinch。I even feel that I can play against the sky level with my own strength,At the same time, with the help of such a battle to break through to become a heavenly level。
But since I came to the island country,Zhong Fa started to be a little scared。So this time,He still failed to break through the sky level,Don’t even dare to do something with Yinsang who is hiding his strength。