This is still the most conservative algorithm,Slightly optimistic,Sold in one year200More than 10,000 units easily。
200Wantaithinkcenter,That is200Ten thousand picture tubes,Even half of it……Do not!Even if only one third of it20%Of picture tubes purchased from China,How much foreign exchange reserves can be created for the country this year?
This is just a picture tube,According to Chen Geng’s previous statement,If you add the chassis、power supply、keyboard、capacitance、resistance、Diode transistors and other electronic components,And even the internal connecting wires、Button?
One year down,The foreign exchange reserves that can be created by the country are properly over 100 million!
Before that, Chen Geng came to China and the State Administration of Radio and Television Industry、When the State Administration of Computer Industry and the Fourth Ministry of Machinery were discussing cooperation matters,Listen to everyone,But facing the big pie drawn by Chen Geng,Always whisper in my heart:impossible?How could it be possible to sell so many units a year?Although American technology is indeed developed,But even so,Americans can buy so many computers?They can’t use the computer for food?
But now it seems,The Americans really plan to use personal computers for dinner。
Also this time,Everyone remembered what Chen Geng said:“From ourthinkcenterListed1981Beginning of the year,The world will enter the era of personal computer explosion and popularization,And the speed of this explosion and popularization is explosive,I expect in three years,The United States will be able to digest more than500Ten thousand personal computers,Five years later,The size of the US personal computer market will reach1000Wantai!”
before this,Listen to everyone,But everyone thinks Chen Geng is bragging:500Wantai?1000Wantai?What are so many computers for??I can’t even equip the boiler with a computer.?
But when the situation develops as Chen Geng expected、And when one step is not bad,Everyone can’t calm down anymore,Not to mention that if we can grasp such a large emerging market,How much foreign exchange reserves will be given to the country,Just talk about what Chen Geng said before,Future computer technology,Will it really be what Chen Geng said,Is the development of computer technology and network technology together?
When the development of the reality proves that Chen Geng is correct,Everything that Chen Geng said before has become a golden rule,Then the problem is coming,Can Huaxia lose such a friend as Chen Geng??
In order to keep this friend Chen Geng,Don’t say it’s just a few guys who talk nonsense regardless of the overall situation,Pay dozens of times more、It doesn’t matter if the price is hundreds of times。
Chen Geng naturally didn’t know what happened in China,I don’t even know how to treat myself,The thoughts of the domestic high-levels have been so highly unified。
Comrade Lao Ding facing the hot king himself,He sighed:“Ding,Let me tell you the truth,What happened this time really chilled me,If this thing is really wrong with me,Then I have nothing to say,But I read the faxes of some domestic newspapers,They are right this timeAMCWorkers’ current treatment、The reasons for the strike and the conditions set by the workers remained silent,But I criticized my refusal to allow workers to raise their wages.,I don’t know where the butt is crooked,What do you make me think?”
“Yes Yes,”Ding Haijun nodded repeatedly,Although this is almost equivalent to being scolded by Chen Geng pointing his nose,But what can he do?:“The position of some comrades is indeed problematic……”
Ding Haijun is talking,Kelly·Hicks hurried to Chen Geng’s side,Whispered to Chen Geng for instructions:“Mr,Mr. Mark from the White House is here,You see?”
Ding Haijun, who was half talking, immediately pricked his ears,at the same time,His brain is spinning fast:Ok?what?Here comes the White House?The White House came to see Chen Geng?And listen to the meaning of the new female assistant Chen Geng,It seems that the White House has already made an appointment with Chen Geng?